Miscarriage is still a taboo subject. Zohar Hagbi empowers women to start talking

After having three miscarriages in less than two years, she's using intuitive artmaking to uplift others who have been through the same.

After having three miscarriages in less than two years, she's using intuitive artmaking to uplift others

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Originally from Israel, Zohar Hagbi is an intuitive artist who teaches and creates in her Vancouver studio. Hagbi explains, "Intuitive painting — it's a way to connect to your inner child, to your inner creativity, by painting." After finishing her own art degree, she found her creativity stifled by a lack of inspiration — so she decided to embark upon a bold experiment: forget what she had learned during her studies, enjoy the mistakes and abandon logic. Since then, Hagbi has had an impact on the lives of her many students by boosting their creativity and encouraging them to embrace who they are.

Now, Hagbi has taken on a new and highly personal project: telling the story of going through three miscarriages. Using a public survey, she's been engaging with other women who have faced the same challenges. Finding similarities among all of their stories, Hagbi works to uncover the shame and taboo associated with the death of a fetus.

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Zohar Hagbi's intuitive artmaking

3 years ago
Duration 5:11
Vancouver artist Zohar Hagbi uses intuitive painting and a "cold room" to tell a story of women, loss and healing. Filmmaker: Camille Vernet

She's creating a new installation that encapsulates the many tales she's heard and turns them into a physical space: building a "cold room" that references the deep chill women feel when being treated for miscarriage, set against a wall filled with ultrasounds and her own paintings. While it's an incredibly tough subject to unpack, Hagbi is making it her mission to open up the conversation around miscarriage — and, in so doing, bring relief to other women, ensuring that they are supported.

In this video, you'll meet Hagbi in her studio teaching other women and at home, playing with her son — "the biggest love of my life."

Find out more about Zohar Hagbi here.

(Zohar Hagbi)
(Zohar Hagbi)
(Zohar Hagbi)

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