Meet the concert pianist who's collaborating with her own robots

Quebec City-based concert pianist Anoush Moazzeni is building machines to play music alongside her — and breaking barriers for women in the process.

Anoush Moazzeni is building machines to play music alongside her

Concert pianist Anoush Moazzeni is building machines that will play music alongside her. 3:29

Quebec City-based concert pianist Anoush Moazzeni is on an unusual trajectory in her life as a classical musician. While working on her PhD at the University du Québec — studying human and machine relationships, no less — Moazzeni decided to bring that academic conversation to her piano compositions and begin to include robotic components alongside acoustic and electronic parts.

Through the support of Quebec City Première Ovation and The Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications, Moazzeni recently traveled to the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Alberta to continue her work in robotics. In this video by filmmaker Caroline Cox, you get to see Moazzeni at work in the studio where she's been furiously building robots and making music — and find out how she hopes to break barriers for women through her work.

See Moazzeni in concert at the Innovative Media Research and Commercialization Centre (IMRC) at the University of Maine, Feb. 24.

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About the Author

Caroline Cox is a filmmaker based out of a remote homestead in the Canadian sub-arctic. Her wilderness lifestyle has inspired her to create the documentary TV series, Wild Kitchen. Cox’s love of the arts comes from years of writing and performing music across Canada.


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