Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown is a filmmaker based in New Brunswick. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts from the University of New Brunswick, he studied photography at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. He is the creator and producer of Studio Tour, a Bell TV1 show that profiled Atlantic Canadian artists and that aired for four seasons in Atlantic Canada.

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I He(art) My City

Gallery hops, great coffee and a lot of salmon: An artist's guide to falling in love with Saint John

Filmmaker Matthew Brown takes you inside the cultural renaissance of the New Brunswick city.

KC Wilcox transforms the things we left behind on beach day into luminous sculptures

From pop cans to chocolate bar wrappers, KC Wilcox treats each piece of trash like a treasure - and points to our own responsibility to the land.

These may look like traditional Chinese landscape paintings — but they're actually the Bay of Fundy

When Dan Xu arrived in New Brunswick from China, she says it felt like stepping into a landscape painting.

Jack Bishop doesn't go to the woods to inspire his landscape paintings — he's behind a strip mall

Shopping carts, strip malls, side roads and parking lots are the characters in the Halifax painter's massive landscapes — or "brandscapes."

Big art for big questions: This PEI artist makes huge crows and golden crowns to wax philosophical

Gerald Beaulieu tackles some massive subjects in the oversized art he makes out of found materials.

Maggie Higgins paints swans to suggest that you are the sum of your best and worst actions

New Brunswick painter Maggie Higgins has been exploring notions of the self, and how we treat the animal kingdom, in her new works featuring swans.

Brigitte Clavette is an alchemist turning things we waste into actual silver

The New Brunswick artist uses silver to transform objects we waste into sculptures we covet.

There's a cougar stalking the Fredericton forest...or is it art?

Fredericton artist Janice Wright Cheney: "The viewer will wonder what is real, whether it's the forest or the cougar, neither — or both?"

Meet Advait Kolarkar, your new favourite four-year-old painter

A day in the life of the precocious four-year-old artist based in New Brunswick and in love with the world.

U.S. cancels energy leases in Montana area sacred to Blackfoot tribes

U.S. officials cancelled 15 oil and gas leases on Wednesday in an area bordering Glacier National Park that's considered sacred to the Blackfoot tribes of the U.S. and Canada.

Bison treaty signed by Alberta, Montana tribes

Native tribes from the U.S. and Canada signed a treaty Tuesday establishing an inter-tribal alliance to restore bison to areas of the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains where millions of the animals once roamed.