Lyndsay Sung makes cute cakes, poignant cakes and some that deal with life's darker moments

Lyndsay Sung is a cake baker, but her creations tell a much larger story, from charming animals to the experience of having breast cancer.

'I really see myself as just this weirdo that’s created a wacky job.'

Before she became a cake baker, blogger and author, Lyndsay Sung lived in the wacky world of alternative music and video art. She calls them "very kind of silly performance-based videos, I guess" and adds, "I really see myself as just this weirdo that's created a wacky job. I never could have imagined this could be a career."

Watch the video:

Lyndsay Sung's cake art

3 years ago
Cake baker, author and blogger Lyndsay Sung takes you through her creations, from the cute to the poignant. Filmmaker: Josephine Anderson. 4:08

The new career to which she's referring is her cake design, which on the surface seems totally delicious and absolutely adorable — the baked goods look like unicorns and dogs and foxes, impossible not to love. But Sung's cake production doesn't end there. In this video made by Josephine Anderson with the help of Tavi Parusel and Eva Brownstein, you'll see how Sung's feminist beliefs and her experience having breast cancer made their way into her baking practice.

The result? She's in high demand and her Instagram is baller, with over 99,000 followers. We're in love with Sung's work, and we're pretty sure you will be too.

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