Life is better when you've got a tita. This Filipina troupe celebrates the older women in our lives

Through sketches, songs and a lot of laughing, the women of Tita Collective are celebrating the joy — and criticism — that we get from aunties.

The women of Tita Collective are celebrating the joy — and criticism — that we get from aunties

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Whatever culture you grow up in, there's often a tita. You might call her Aunty. She might want you to call her by her first name so she doesn't feel old. Whatever the moniker, these are the women who extra-parentally raise us, criticize us and comfort us in the ways our parents can't. They're special. They're titas!

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Tita Collective celebrates the wisdom of elder Filipina women

4 years ago
Duration 4:01
Featured VideoA group of Filipina women are letting you know that the elder women in their community are hilarious — and wise. Filmmaker and correspondent: April Aliermo

So a group of Filipina women in Toronto decided to come together to celebrate this wise community of elders who make us soup and sweaters while they subtly shame us and then give us a big hug. In this piece made by filmmaker April Aliermo, you'll meet the members of Tita Collective, learn what heartbreak Kare-kare is and hear the songs and stories the Collective has created to pay homage to them.

All hail Titas!

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Tita Jokes, by Tita Collective, was directed by Tricia Hagoriles, and created and performed by Ann Paula Bautista, Belinda Corpuz, Isabel Kanaan, Ellie Posadas, Alia Rasul and Maricris Rivera with musical direction by Ayaka Kinugawa and stage managing by Justine Cargo. You can see Tita Jokes at Toronto Fringe's Next Stage Festival, January 8-19 — grab tickets here.

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