Let the children sing: This Montreal musician is opening the hearts of a new generation

In reggae artist Florian "Flo" Feral's classroom, it's about more than just the music — it's about celebrating life and interacting with one another.

In Florian "Flo" Feral's classroom, it's all about joy

This musician's classes are an awakening for ecstatic Montreal kids

4 years ago
Reggae artist Florian (Flo) Feral lets you into one of his classes and shows you why he draws strength from their energy. 2:51

Florian "Flo" Feral shows Montreal children how to play music by making it fun, encouraging them to try instruments and giving them the opportunity to find their own rhythm. The songs are about the joys of going to the park, the elusive nature of colours and the simple things in life, like saying "Bonjour!"

In this video, you'll see Flo put into action the techniques he learned while living in New York City, giving the children he teaches a musical awakening. Ultimately, he wants his students to become more curious about not only music but life and interacting with one another as well. (Plus, you get to meet some really cute kids.)

(CBC Arts)

See Flo perform in Montreal for the Love is the Answer Festival on May 12.

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