In honour of his late godfather, this Montreal rapper is risking it all to turn music into a career

For CJ Flemings, there was no alternative to hip hop — and the Montreal native has quickly found his own place in the city's rap scene.

For CJ Flemings, there was no alternative to hip hop

Flemings has been at the forefront of solidifying Montreal's hip-hop scene. 2:12

After losing his godfather — who introduced him to hip hop — Montreal native CJ Flemings decided to turn music into a career. Since then, he has quickly found his way to the forefront of solidifying his city's hip hop scene, working with the likes of Kaytranada, Lunice and other Montreal-based emerging artists.

In addition to those collaborations, Flemings has released several of his own tracks and travelled around the world to perform for his fans. And in this video, he explains what motivates him to risk it all. He doesn't really think about alternate careers or backup plans because all his energy is focused on creating music. For that reason, his goal is to succeed in the music scene and to prove to his family and community that he has what it takes.

(CBC Arts)

Expect a new project from CJ Flemings to drop at the top of 2018.

This film was made by PIQUE, who are sharing their visions of Montreal artists through CBC Arts.

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