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How to turn your face into Vincent van Gogh's masterpiece

To commemorate van Gogh's birthday, we asked makeup artist Kyne to show us how to transform into one of his most memorable paintings: The Starry Night.

In a few steps, you can become your own walking 'Starry Night'

YouTuber Kyne shows you how to paint one of Vincent Van Gogh's most memorable paintings -- on your face. 2:46

YouTuber Kyne Santos — aka Online Kyne — is our go-to makeup artist extraordinaire. So, to commemorate Vincent van Gogh's birthday, we asked Kyne to show us how to transform into one of the legendary 19th century artist's most memorable paintings: The Starry Night.

Painted in 1889 — a year before van Gogh died — the oil painting shows a view out of the Dutch painter's room in the Saint-Rémy de Provence asylum where he spent his final days. And thanks to Kyne, you can turn your face into its own replication of the masterpiece, which now hangs in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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