How to transform into Krampus, the Christmas monster

Forget about the Santa costume — makeup artist Online Kyne shows us how to embrace our inner demon.

Forget about the Santa costume — here's how to embrace our inner demon instead

Forget about the Santa costume - Online Kyne shows us how to embrace our inner demon with a Krampus makeup tutorial 2:55

Here at CBC Arts, we have a little bit of an obsession with Krampus. If you've never heard about the Christmas monster called Krampus, just know that it's Santa's terrifying, evil nemesis from European folk tales who punishes kids who make it onto the naughty list.

We were thrilled — and quite frightened — when makeup wunderkind Kyne Santos (aka Online Kyne) gave us a tutorial on how to transform yourself into Krampus. So if the holiday season has you feeling a little too sweet, grab some thermoplastic, liquid latex and facepaint and embrace your inner evil demon.

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