How B.C. rapper Horsepowar channelled her grief into a hip-hop career

Bollywood movies, rhymes, beats, and the resolution to turn her grief into joy are just some of the ingredients of BC rapper Horsepowar's sound.

BC rapper Horsepowar transformed her grief into a joyful hip-hop career

7 years ago
Duration 3:51
In this segment, Jasleen Powar aka Horsepowar talks loss, jokes, and Hindi film.

Rhymes, beats, Bollywood movies and the resolution to turn her grief into joy are just some of the ingredients of BC rapper Horsepowar's sound.

Horsepowar, a.k.a. Jasleen Powar, experienced serious loss at a young age. After a long period of mourning and reflection, she began expressing herself by writing music and lyrics. And what ultimately resulted is a sound that has a quality you may have never heard of in hip-hop before.

In this short documentary, you'll understand why Horsepowar's journey from sad poetry to joyous rap is an extraordinarily inspiring one. 

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