How '90s hip hop videos stole Director X's heart

In the first edition of our new segment "The (X) That Changed My Life," sought-after filmmaker Director X opens up about the '90s hip hop videos that helped to form his signature aesthetic.

"...and then suddenly there was this video that felt like art." - Hotline Bling filmmaker Director X on his '90s hip hop music video epiphany

8 years ago
Duration 2:51
In the first edition of our new segment, "The (X) That Changed My Life," Director X goes on a deep dive into 1990s hop hop music video history

It might be a sentence in a book you read in Grade 12, a tiny detail in one scene of a movie or the first time you saw a painting, but for many people, there's a cultural moment that transformed us. For Director X, it turns out that moment encompasses a slew of 1990s hip hop videos he saw before he became the director responsible for iconic clips including Drake's Hotline Bling and Started From the Bottom, and Rihanna's Work (among many others). 

In this segment of "The (X) That Changed My Life," Director X takes a trip through hip hop history to shout out his influences.

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