Hey '90s kid, remember these? Take a nostalgia trip with Nico Glaude

Blockbuster Video and chewable Flintstone vitamins: Nico Glaude's nostalgic replicas take you back to a simpler time.

Blockbuster Video and chewable Flintstone vitamins: Nico Glaude's replicas take you back to a simpler time

Nico Glaude's nostalgic installation work can be found around Sudbury, Ontario. (Nico Glaude)

When Sudbury-based street artist Nico Glaude feels overwhelmed by our modern fast-paced world, he finds solace in creating art that explores his past.

In the video below, you'll see how Glaude's larger-than-life nostalgic installations seemingly pop out of nowhere in an urban environment.

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Nico Glaude revisits '90s nostalgia


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Sudbury's Nico Glaude draws from nostalgic memories from the '90s for his installations. 2:54

For the past couple of years, Glaude has been exploring objects from his past through his Cut Out Memories project. He creates larger-than-life replicas of pieces of '90s ephemera like Blockbuster video jackets and Zellers bags from cardboard, duct tape and acrylic paint. You can stumble upon them in seemingly mundane settings that Glaude places them around downtown Sudbury, Ont.

Glaude's hopes that people will feel a sense of nostalgia when they see these objects — they're unaccompanied by any label — and hopes his unsuspecting viewers will take a moment out of their day to think about their own emotional connection to the past.

Nico Glaude's recreations are giant nostalgic replicas from his childhood. (Nico Glaude)

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