He's not the comic hero, but Montreal's Scott Pilgrim is taking on the world too — with his camera

Pilgrim wants his images to suspend reality —so that you can interpret them whatever way you want.

Pilgrim wants his images to suspend reality —so that you can interpret them whatever way you want

In his photos, Scott wants to maintain a suspension of reality so that each of his images stand alone, so that his viewers can interpret each image on his own. 3:19

Montreal-based photographer and creative director Scott Pilgrim doesn't want people to consider what might be happening outside of his photos, or what might be influencing them outside the frame. "I think that's part of the truth, in a way," he says.

"It's about maintaining a suspension of reality, so that each image stands alone. That goes into everything that I make. This way, people can interpret each image however they want to."

For Pilgrim, photography has always been more of a tool and means of problem-solving than a style. "It's like a decision," he says. "If I'm seeing an object, I'm picturing the way I want to see the object getting photographed. And if I'm not getting that angle, then it's not really worth it — and it just becomes a memory."

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Learn more about Pilgrim — and see some of his work — on his website.

This film was made by PIQUE, who are sharing their visions of Montreal artists through CBC Arts.

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