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Got an itch for art? We've got the scratch(board) for you

Artist Andrea Hooge shows us how to scrape our way to glorious illustrations. It's all about a steady hand and a unique vision.

Artist Andrea Hooge shows us how to scrape our way to glorious illustrations

Artist Andrea Hooge introduces us to the scratchboard and shows us how to use it to make quirky illustrations. 1:56

Not long ago, we brought you the story of Vancouver-based artist Andrea Hooge and her penchant for turning old toys and books into creepy-but-cute illustrations. From a vintage doll to books about animals having tea, Hooge transforms her nostalgia for childhood imagery (a la Little Golden Books) into playful paintings and illustrations.

One of the materials Hooge uses is something called a scratchboard. It's sort of like taking the idea of scratch-off lottery tickets and combining it with 15th-century engraving. As Hooge shows us, it's all about a steady hand, a unique vision and the right materials.

(CBC Arts)

In this video, she shows us how to make a puppy wearing a sweater into a work we want on the CBC Arts office wall.

Follow Andrea Hooge here.

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