Fruit and veggie artist Lauren Ho brings new meaning to the phrase 'playing with your food'

The Vancouver artist takes us through the steps — and the ingredient list — for her new mountainscape.
(CBC Arts)

Endlessly moving your food around on your plate with you bare hands is anathema to parents everywhere. But for artist Lauren Ho, it's essential in creating the right composition, the most tangible surfaces and the perfect illumination. So Ho, who was inspired by her work at a food truck to begin using fruit in her art, chooses her ingredients carefully and then manipulates the carved and broken produce into charming scenes of animals, landscapes and remarkable objects.

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Turning food into art with Lauren Ho

3 years ago
Lauren Ho's building a magical landscape — out of fruits and vegetables. 4:24

In this video, Ho assembles her ingredients — kale, avocado and daikon among others — and takes you through some of the things to consider if you're taking up food art. She explains, "The textures are always different. The juiciness can dictate how the picture turns out as well — how easy it is to carve, how easy it is to lay flat. There's so many more variables that you have to work around, so it is like a give and take kind of medium, which is fun."

You can catch Lauren Ho at The Juice Truck in Vancouver, where she's still juicing up a storm. You can also follow her here for more of her creations. And a pro tip if you're trying this at home: fruits and vegetables do have an expiration date, so work fast.

See more of her work:

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