From Barrie, Ont. to London, U.K., this play stars you...and you won't know what's about to happen

The Curious Voyage is an audience-specific play that crosses the ocean to embroil its protagonist in a cross-continent adventure.

'You're not there to receive the narrative but you're there to act'

We like our immersive theatre here at CBC Arts, and we've covered a few of these atmospheric stagings in the past, including DopoLavoroTeatrale's Off-Limits Zone that took place on the shores of Toronto. Now, Artistic Director Daniele Bartolini and Barrie's Talk is Free Theatre have upped the ante dramatically by creating an audience-specific experience called The Curious Voyage that begins in Barrie, Ontario and ends in London, U.K. So of course, we had to go along for the ride.

Watch the video:

The Curious Voyage

4 years ago
Duration 3:56
An audience-specific play takes people across the ocean on a mysterious adventure.

In this video made by filmmaker (and willing audience participant) James Cooper, you get a glimpse at a few of the scenes that unfolded during the three-day drama. They include getting a little lost in London, committing murder and bearing witness to an urban performance of Sweeney Todd (directed by Mitchell Cushman). Jet lag aside, we're all a little upset we didn't go as a team. 

Listen, not everybody can physically (or financially) handle a transcontinental flight for an audience-specific immersive piece of theatre. And that's part of why The Curious Voyage will be staged in Toronto in Spring 2020!  Keep up with the news here.

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