From 0 to 100: Watch this tiny sculpture of Drake come to life

Artist Juliana LePine makes a miniature version of Drake — but it is far, far more detailed than you could ever imagine.

Artist Juliana LePine makes a miniature version of Drake more detailed than you could ever imagine

Artist Juliana LePine makes a miniature version of Drake - but it is far, far more detailed than you could ever imagine. Filmmaker: Renata Campello 4:45

"Creepily accurate" is just one of the many accolades that Juliana LePine's work has garnered. This particular phrase was in response to the artist's astonishingly life-like depiction of Queen's Freddie Mercury striking one of his iconic poses. LePine's 7.5-inch clay recreation of the icon — down to Mercury's moustache — really manifested the question: is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Juliana LePine working on her Drake sculpture in its skeletal form. (CBC Arts)

Since her Freddie Mercury sculpture blew up YouTube with over 10 million views, LePine has gone on to sculpt many other famous celebrities like Axl Rose, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga and John Lennon, with celebrities like Slash and Christopher Lloyd signing her pieces in addition to buying them. But her newest sculpture might blow the rest away. It's none other than the 6ix God himself, Drake.

After moving near Toronto, LePine was inspired to sculpt Drake due to his local legend status, positive outlook and generous attitude. (Plus, her kids love him!)

(CBC Arts)

With this latest addition to her figurine shelf, LePine's Music Idols series is officially in process. The series will feature 30 famous international musicians in her signature polymer clay, and they'll all be bite-sized at about 18cm tall.

In this video, you'll hear about how LePine's sculpture gathered such a huge audience. You'll find out about her beginnings in Brazil and how her tiny sculptures have also tackled issues of social justice. And you'll see her create Drake, from skeleton to skin to hand-painted sneakers. Trust us — it's mesmerizing.

(CBC Arts)

Find out more about Juliana LePine here. We trust that you can Google Drake yourself.

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