Four huge weather balloons and some summer dreams: Float away with this flickering vision in the sky

Artist Don Maynard had a vision of levitating his art among the clouds — and he's achieved it through Skeye Projects, an immersive video experience.

Don Maynard: 'It changes your perspective and the perspective you have around you'

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If you don't think at least once during the summer of lying in the grass and watching the sky, you're basically lying. So this is for you, in "things floating in the sky for me to look at" news: Skeye Projects, under the helm of artist Don Maynard.

Recently in Kingston, Ont., Skeye levitated a screen about 70 feet into the sky and projected flickering dreams onto it, all accompanied by a live score performed by local jazz musicians. Sound like your kind of summer vibe?

Watch the video:

Skeye Projects makes magic on a hovering screen

2 years ago
Don Maynard is the artist behind Skeye Projects, that levitates a screen each summer to create an immersive experience for viewers on the ground. Filmmaker: Istoica 3:45

In this video by filmmakers Istoica, you'' head to Kingston to see the screen hovering over a very relaxed crowd. And Maynard will tell you how he made his original vision of "a floating thing in the sky over there on top of those hills" come to life. 

Maynard's not done, by the way — he has larger dreams for this otherworldly installation. He'd love to tour it and see it happen in different geographies and very different temperatures.

For more information about Skeye Projects, head here.

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