Found in translation: Celebrating heritage and processing grief with art

Art is a language of its own. Watch this week's CBC Arts: Exhibitionists now!

Art is a language of its own. Watch this week's CBC Arts: Exhibitionists now!

Stream CBC Arts: Exhibitionists S04E15 now!

Art is a language of its own. Artists have to figure how to take what's in their head or what they experience in the world and express it in a visual language. Sometimes that doesn't make it easier for us, the audience, to understand. That's why we're here.

Today we're looking at artists who aren't painting a landscape or taking a photograph — they're processing everything from cultural experience to artificial intelligence and even grieving loved ones.

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Art Hurts: Ilona Fiddy

You decorate your body to show you value it. That's at the heart of Ilona Fiddy's handpoke tattoos. Watch the video.

Mat Chivers

This exhibition imagines our future...and how artificial intelligence might see things differently. Watch the video.

Zeph Mitchell

This artist lost his whole family, and his death-inspired collages help him remember his mortality. Watch the video.

Art 101: Appropriation

This week, Professor Lise (not really a professor) explains appropriation (not the cultural kind). Watch the video.

Exhibitionist in Residence: Curtia Wright

This is why you should never stop playing with pencil crayons. Read our interview with this week's Exhibitionist in Residence, Curtia Wright.

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