At a mural festival in Puerto Rico, Danaé Brissonnet collaborates with kids to make magic

The Quebec artist takes you through some of her world travels and why it's meant so much to work with a bunch of kids in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The Quebec artist takes you through her world travels and why it's meant so much to work with kids in San Juan

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It's hard not to like Danaé Brissonnet, whose unfailingly positive spirit is on full display in every conversation. And perhaps that's why she's been able to connect with the many communities she travels to, working with both adults and kids to create masks and puppets and huge murals that incorporate local stories and traditions.

In this video made by filmmakers Julio Benito Cabrera and Melvin Vázquez, you'll spend time with Brissonnet at the Santurce Es Ley art festival in San Juan, Puerto Rico. There, she's been working on a mural painted on the side of a building still missing its roof from the horrific damage of Hurricane Maria in 2017. Brissonnet comments, "I want to make a mural for these people and for what they've been living through, also."

Watch the video:

Artist Danaé Brissonnet spends time with kids in San Juan, Puerto Rico to create a surreal mural together. Filmmakers: Julio Benito Cabrera and Melvin Vázquez. 4:23

How does she do it? Brissonnet spends time with the local kids, listening to their stories and coaching them through a drawing session. Then, she integrates those drawings into her surreal compositions that fill massive walls. She's done it in Canada, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and France. And you can follow her here to find out where she's headed next.

Follow Santurce Es Ley here. Filmmaker Julio Cabrera is the co-director of Puerto Rico's Rincón Film Festival that takes place April 10-14 in Rincón, Puerto Rico.

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(CBC Arts)
(CBC Arts)

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