A holiday gift painted with wine because WINE NOT?

An original wine painting could be the grape-est gift you give this Christmas!

An original wine painting could be the grape-est gift you give this Christmas!

Art painted with wine by Melissa Proudlock (CBC Arts)

Dreaming of a wine Christmas? Let artist Melissa Proudlock get you into the holiday spirit with this festive work of art: a painting of a glass of wine...painted entirely out of wine.

The Niagara Falls-based artist has been creating astonishing paintings using wine as her medium for the last five years. She discovered the watercolour alternative while working as a graphic designer for Vineland Estates Winery in Ontario's Niagara region and has been perfecting her practice ever since. She paints with multiple varietals of wine, and knows exactly which Pinots and Merlots will give her the darkest purples and reddest reds.

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For the wine lover in your life: a holiday gift painted with wine!

3 years ago
Artist Melissa Proudlock shows us how she paints a holiday-themed work of art entirely out of wine. 2:11

In this video we get an inside look at Proudlock's process as she creates a festive still life using shiraz and Cabernet Franc. It might inspire you to try your hand at a homemade gift made with wine — or you can just head over to Proudlock's website to pick up one of her cards, prints or original paintings for the wine lover on your list!

A work of art painted with wine (Melissa Proudlock)
Artist Melissa Proudlock (CBC Arts)

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