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10 artists reshaping Canada's artistic landscape

To celebrate the birth of Exhibitionists — CBC Arts' TV sibling, where we explore the most exciting cultural happenings across Canada through a passionate lens — we're spotlighting 10 game-changing artists featured on the show for your seasonal enjoyment.

A roundup of game-changing artists featured on Exhibitionists

It's baby's first Christmas! To celebrate the birth of Exhibitionists — CBC Arts' TV sibling, where we explore the most exciting cultural happenings across Canada through a passionate lens — we're spotlighting 10 game-changing artists featured on the show for your seasonal enjoyment. Make it your New Year's resolution to keep an eye out for these names in 2016.

1. Rupi Kaur

Meet the 23-year old poet and artist from Brampton, Ontario who caused a revolution on Instagram with one photograph. 5:43

2. Stephen Dunn

Newfoundland-born director Stephen Dunn’s first feature, Closet Monster, premiered at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and clinched the award for Best Canadian Feature. CBC Arts shadowed Dunn on what may prove to be the most important day of his life. 3:26

3. Ekow Nimako

In this clip, the Toronto artist and his most ambitious sculpture to date are facing moving day and some very careful handling. 4:34

4. Rossif Sutherland

Rossif Sutherland's father Donald, mother Francine and half-brother Kiefer are all actors. He recalls his anxiety showing his directorial and acting debut to his famous father and what happened after the screening. 3:41

5. Lisa Lipton

Nova Scotia artist Lisa Lipton discusses her Sobey Art Award nomination. Lipton, a drummer and artist with a multidisciplinary practice, was nominated for the 2015 edition of the prize for working Canadian artists under 40. 3:40

6. Miss Me

Anonymous Montreal street artist Miss Me opens up about why she creates her monumental images of warrior women. Note: Contains images that may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. 4:57

7. Talwst

Curtis “Talwst” Santiago, was a promising young musician when he began making art on the side as way to combat the rainy Vancouver blues. After experimenting with various painting techniques, a friend handed him a small jewelry box and challenged him to do something with it. His first art show featured a series of paintings and a small collection of tiny dioramas built inside jewelry boxes. The ring boxes stole the show. Now based in Toronto, Talwst has since exploded on the art scene, particularly after images of his dioramas went viral, earning him a large following not only online, but also in the art world. 6:42

8. Hataw

Filipino-Canadian dance troupe Hataw only formed in 2014, but as co-founders Jodinand Aguillon and Crista Aguinaldo explain, they've gone from strength to strength, appearing at festivals such as Kultura, playing to large crowds and in viral music videos. 3:41

9. Tapestry Opera

For Tapestry Opera's new opera, Metallurgy, the Toronto company recruited some unlikely collaborators: members of genre-expanding, Polaris Music Prize-winning hardcore punk outfit F--ked Up. 3:38

10. Nina Aquino

In this edition of Storytellers, theatre director and writer, Nina Lee Aquino, remembers how a big rejection turned into a positive when she received some very important advice from a mentor. 2:02

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