1 artist. 15 years. Over 6,000 zombies

Sudbury-based artist Rob Sacchetto spends his days endlessly turning lovely human beings into their terrifying zombie counterparts...in portrait form.

Rob Sacchetto will never give up creating the undead. 'I can zombify anything!'

Rob Sacchetto in his studio. (CBC Arts)

Rob Sacchetto, the zombie artist based in Sudbury, Ontario, is a lover of all things horror. So it's pretty serendipitous that he's built a career on drawing zombies — and he still loves what he does, over 6,000 portraits later.

Over the past years, fans from all over the world have sent the artist photos of themselves, their pets, their families and their friends so that they can be "zombified" by his ink, paintbrush and whiteout pen. He's painted pieces for Greg Nicotero of The Walking Dead, designed a deck of Bicycle cards, illustrated novels and even created a beer pan.

Watch the video:

Rob Sacchetto is unearthing all the steps it takes for him to turn a living human being into a terrifying zombie portrait. Filmmaker: Brandon Michael Gray 5:30

So how exactly did Sacchetto end up at the centre of the zombie art world? The artist's early fascination with dinosaurs led him to start drawing at a young age. Then, he moved on to drawing Godzilla and other Kaiju movie monsters, which became the gateway drug to his interest in horror in general and, in particular, to zombies (what Sacchetto calls a "natural progression").

In this video, watch Sacchetto use his talents on turning an unsuspecting filmmaker into a ravenous (if bespectacled) zombie.

Filmmaker Brandon Gray gets zombified. (CBC Arts)

Since he launched his zombie portrait website and began to take orders from around the world, he's created over 6,000 zombie portraits. He draws one every day, something he's kept up for 15 years. And he's not stopping. Like, ever.

Keep up with Rob Sacchetto here.

(Rob Sacchetto)
(Rob Sacchetto)
(Rob Sacchetto)

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