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Where the (he)art is: For this PEI artist, it took coming home to find her true calling

Megan Stewart had to get some distance to find out that she could create the art scene she was looking for — at home.

Take a hit...of art: These Montreal sculptors are taking bongs to dizzying new highs

The sculptors at the High Art studio in Montreal make masterful one-of-a-kind custom bongs.

How to get ready for high times by making your own ceramic bong

As marijuana is legalized in Canada, it feels like a good moment to encourage you to try ceramics and make a bong...totally for ornamental reasons, of course.

The art of family and how they can inspire and shape our artistic creations

On this week's CBC Arts: Exhibitionists, we look at families of all kinds and the art they create.

The Cybertronic Spree is a band of robots in disguise here to make your planet party

Hot Rod, Rumble and Arcee pause their epic missions to explain how a Transfomers band arrived on our planet — and why they're making new music.
In Residence

Daphnée Leduc-Laprise turned her imposter syndrome...into bananas

The Montreal graphic designer used to be her own worst critic, but that changed when she learned this one important lesson.

This artist is showing love to first responders through a huge landscape mural at their fire hall

Johanna Westby, whose husband is an MNR Fire Ranger, wanted to paint a mural that would create a peaceful environment for firefighters to return home to.

This slightly goth procession is a Charlottetown celebration of crows, whether you love or hate them

Charlottetown's crow infestation is a local controversy — but an annual parade honouring the feathered interlopers allows everybody to let off some steam.

The art of characters, from those we create to the people who inspire them

On this week’s CBC Arts: Exhibitionists, a deep dive into the stories behind some captivating characters.

What happens when all the whales are gone? This PEI pageant conjures a more optimistic future

The community of New Glasgow comes together in this piece of outdoor community theatre.
In Residence

Feeling stuck? These cartoon characters can relate

These infinite loops would give Escher the spins. Get sucked into the world of Anna Firth, this week's Exhibitionist in Residence.

It may look like mind control, but Maxime Michaud is making music with his brainwaves

The Montreal artist takes you into his residency in Seia, Portugal, where he's using his own body and thoughts to create an emotive soundscape.

The art of connection: See how the little things bring us together on a new CBC Arts: Exhibitionists

In these divisive times, we've made this week's show all about what brings us together. Today's theme is connection.

Get ready for your heart to burst: This father and daughter are the loveliest artist duo

Linsey Levendall was already making tons of work before his daughter Talulah was born. But, as he explains, she changed everything.
In Residence

The world's greatest love story...about a man with a jet engine for a face

Get a sneak peek at "Turbine," an NFB short by Alex Boya, this week's Exhibitionist in Residence.

For a group of Vancouver artists, this collaborative mural shattered their fortress of solitude

Creating art can be a lonely process — which is why working together meant so much to the artists who make up the collective Phantoms in the Front Yard.

On the Season 4 premiere of CBC Arts: Exhibitionists, we unravel the art of evolution

This week: a 22-storey mural by street art star Okuda, a mysterious Sasquatch from another dimension and delicate ceramics with barnacles growing on them.
In Residence

It's a psychedelic cartoon about women...vs. furniture

CBC Arts: Exhibitionists is back, and Quebec City's Carol-Ann Belzil-Normand is our first featured artist of Season 4. Watch clips from her new short film "Ultra."

Here's how you can make a piñata in honour of Canada's sweetheart Céline Dion

Meaghan Kennedy is a piñata artist who is inspired by people she admires — so she's showing you how to make a piñata of our fave, Céline Dion.

Imagine if Toronto were reclaimed by nature. This Indigenous futurism VR experience takes you there

Lisa Jackson's Biidaaban: First Light isn't just aesthetically impressive — it's about a future where Indigenous values, language and land are all integral to survival.

Time travel to the 1920s with the production designer of Frankie Drake Mysteries

There are some things you just can't script. Armando Sgrignuoli explains how design fills in those blanks.

Meet Kayiri, the violinist-rapper-beatmaker-singer who's getting political in Montreal

She isn't afraid to speak out — and she tells us why she wrote a song this year that may be her most political yet.

These tiny characters are made out of glass and enamel — and Aurélie Guillaume's lifetime of memories

The Montreal artist talks about how a childhood in Martinique and losing her dad were driving forces behind making her work small, colourful and full of feeling.

Who needs a meteor shower? This unique musical collaboration is like sonic shooting stars

The Perseids are a meteor shower that dazzles the summer sky — and Perséides is a music ensemble invoking the same feelings in us.

Like any good camper, this bird-headed muralist leaves each wall better than he found it

Come for the bird head — stay for the zany, community-driven murals. Meet graffiti artist birdO.