CBC Arts: Exhibitionists


Lights, camera...action! Creating a spark with dance, skateboarding, knife-throwing and more

On this week's Exhibitionists, we meet artists dialing up the action.
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Stressed? This busy freelancer unwinds — by making GIFs

When she needs a break, Heidi Berton makes GIFs like these. The Toronto-based illustrator is this week's Exhibitionist in Residence.

People told Mahdi the Magician his body would make his dreams impossible — but he refused to quit

"I decided even if it's difficult, I'm going to pursue it to the end."

Lost & Found: Meet artists who take found objects or their own losses and transform them into beauty

From a performer lovingly dubbed "Trash Can Picasso" to an artist adapting her practice after going blind on this week’s Exhibitionists.

Big art for big questions: This PEI artist makes huge crows and golden crowns to wax philosophical

Gerald Beaulieu tackles some massive subjects in the oversized art he makes out of found materials.

Good Morning, Viet Mom! Franco Nguyen's hit one man show is a love letter to his mother

Do you ever feel like you don't understand your parents? Comedian Franco Nguyen can relate.

Soul searching: Meet artists finding purpose through art on this week's Exhibitionists

Most of us think we have a soul — but what does that actually mean?
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Escape to a magical dimension with this week's Exhibitionist in Residence

Vancouver's Saida Saetgareeva is sending you some cosmic vibes.

With every tiny movement, Anne Plamondon brings you inside her father's schizophrenia

A life in dance led Anne Plamondon to build a performance about her father, his mental illness and what she witnessed as a child.

Going deep: Meet artists fearlessly taking risks to create on this week's Exhibitionists

From crafting a hotel out of ice to channeling their inner Avenger, the process of creation is something meaningful — even transformative.
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Is this the work of the Illuminati? Lizard people? Our latest Exhibitionist in Residence?

Choose your own conspiracy theory. There's a secret hidden in these GIFs by Meg Dearlove.

Kwame Delfish is an artist whose tools include the paintbrush...and the hairbrush

Artist, painter and hair stylist Kwame Delfish comes from an artistic family, and he's carrying the tradition in his expressive work that is currently inspired by hair.

These artists from Winnipeg are re-creating Canadian camping in Sweden using only ice and snow

From the camper to the campfire, Winnipeg artists Jennie O'Keefe and Chris Pancoe are figuring out how to translate summer into deep winter.

At Sweden's Icehotel, two Halifax artists have been working hard...to honour their cat

Sonia Chow and Huschang Pourian have made their cat into a mesmerizing vision in ice and snow.

Dance legend Peggy Baker collabed with members of Arcade Fire to look at who we are in the dark

Peggy Baker, Sarah Neufeld and Jeremy Gara work together to create a performance about intimacy, identity and secrets.

From Barrie, Ont. to London, U.K., this play stars you...and you won't know what's about to happen

The Curious Voyage is an audience-specific play that crosses the ocean to embroil its protagonist in a cross-continent adventure.

Celebrating love with paper, poetry, playwrights and piñatas

Real love, not the corny kind on this week's CBC Arts: Exhibitionists.

From Beyoncé to Alvvays, these are Annie Murphy from Schitt's Creek's top 5 love songs

"This playlist should not be played consecutively because it will bring you all over the map."
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Love, sex and female empowerment: GIFs by this week's featured artist, Ghazaleh Rastgar

If you can't love this art, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?

Found in translation: Celebrating heritage and processing grief with art

Art is a language of its own. Watch this week's CBC Arts: Exhibitionists now!
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This is why you should never stop playing with pencil crayons

Peek inside Curtia Wright's sketchbook. The Toronto artist is this week's Exhibitionist in Residence.

This exhibition imagines our future...and how artificial intelligence might see things differently

You're looking at the world's first AI-made sculpture — and artist Mat Chivers is using it to explore how we process the world around us.

No canvas required: Exceptional art, unconventional tools

In this week's CBC Arts: Exhibitionists, we go beyond the paintbrush (no disrespect to Bob Ross).
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It's a haunting NFB short about facing fear and uncertainty. Watch 'Deyzangeroo'

Toronto-based filmmaker Ehsan Gharib is this week's Exhibitionist in Residence.

With haunting photos and elaborate costumes, Meryl McMaster shows us the deep history of the land

She's using art to learn about her own Cree heritage — and through sharing that learning, she hopes she can teach Canadians something, too.