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What happens when the human body isn't the subject of the art — it's the medium?

From heart attacks to brainwaves, this week's CBC Arts: Exhibitionists is all about the body.
In Residence

What's inside an alien? Craft supplies and Sculpey, it turns out

Geneviève Lebleu is this week's Exhibitionist in Residence. Watch "Kabane" and "Herbertisme."

DaveandJenn's unsettling sculptures might repulse you — or make you vaguely hungry

Calgary artist duo DaveandJenn work on one of their intricate sculptures and explain how loss and resilience come together in their work.

There's a cougar stalking the Fredericton forest...or is it art?

Fredericton artist Janice Wright Cheney: "The viewer will wonder what is real, whether it's the forest or the cougar, neither — or both?"

Watch CBC Arts: Exhibitionists

Hosted by actor, playwright and educator Amanda Parris, CBC Arts: Exhibitionists explores the diverse artists who are refreshing, reimagining and revolutionizing art in Canada.

The art of the remix: On this week's Exhibitionists, reimagined twists on unexpected objects

And we're not talking about songs — this episode celebrates the magic of taking disparate objects and putting them together.
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You're not hallucinating — you're just watching a film by this week's Exhibitionist in Residence

What do ghosts and cartoons have in common? On the show, animator Gustavo Cerquera Benjumea conjures some psychedelic visions.

What would the wind write if it could write poetry?

Artist Tania Willard harnessed the power of the element to create stirring poetry.

In 1988 Wayne Gretzky broke Edmonton's heart. This summer, the Great One came back — through art

Thierry Marceau's latest performance art production ponders Gretzky's legacy and the imprint he has left on Edmonton.

The art of land: The way we affect it and the way it affects us

In a special new episode of CBC Arts: Exhibitionists from Banff, Amanda Parris takes us through stories inspired by land.

5 songs that Anne with an E star Amybeth McNulty plays to make her cry on set

Need a good cry (whether or not you're getting ready to shoot an emotional TV scene)? Look no further.

How this fashion designer harnesses the power of the universe to create his clothes

The "golden ratio" is everywhere — but Sid Neigum is one of the only people using it for fashion.

An ancient windcatcher becomes a hypnotic device in this new installation

Felix Kalmenson and Rouzbeh Akhbari made a space for contemplation with their interpretation of an ancient Iranian windcatcher.

The art of metamorphosis: Witness spectacular transformations on this week's Exhibitionists

An artist turns over 6000 humans into zombies and plastic bags turn into an airborne sculpture on this week's Exhibitionists.

Your plastic bags might be part of this humongous levitating installation

An exhibition this summer at Mississsauga's lakefront looks at the power of wind — and includes a massive balloon made from tape and discarded plastic bags.
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In this NFB short, beauty (and horror) is in the eye of the beholder

Forget about glowing skin and flat abs — this might as well be the new standard of beauty. Watch clips from David Barlow-Krelina's new short "Caterpillarplasty."

Where the (he)art is: For this PEI artist, it took coming home to find her true calling

Megan Stewart had to get some distance to find out that she could create the art scene she was looking for — at home.

Take a hit...of art: These Montreal sculptors are taking bongs to dizzying new highs

The sculptors at the High Art studio in Montreal make masterful one-of-a-kind custom bongs.

How to get ready for high times by making your own ceramic bong

As marijuana is legalized in Canada, it feels like a good moment to encourage you to try ceramics and make a bong...totally for ornamental reasons, of course.

The art of family and how they can inspire and shape our artistic creations

On this week's CBC Arts: Exhibitionists, we look at families of all kinds and the art they create.

The Cybertronic Spree is a band of robots in disguise here to make your planet party

Hot Rod, Rumble and Arcee pause their epic missions to explain how a Transfomers band arrived on our planet — and why they're making new music.
In Residence

Daphnée Leduc-Laprise turned her imposter syndrome...into bananas

The Montreal graphic designer used to be her own worst critic, but that changed when she learned this one important lesson.

This artist is showing love to first responders through a huge landscape mural at their fire hall

Johanna Westby, whose husband is an MNR Fire Ranger, wanted to paint a mural that would create a peaceful environment for firefighters to return home to.

This slightly goth procession is a Charlottetown celebration of crows, whether you love or hate them

Charlottetown's crow infestation is a local controversy — but an annual parade honouring the feathered interlopers allows everybody to let off some steam.

The art of characters, from those we create to the people who inspire them

On this week’s CBC Arts: Exhibitionists, a deep dive into the stories behind some captivating characters.