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What makes a space sacred? These artists find their most meaningful connections through creating

On this week's Exhibitionists season finale, we're visiting the places that mean everything to the people they inspire.

It was the first all-African American opera. And now, Treemonisha is getting new life

A remarkable group of people have gathered to reinvent a production that was groundbreaking in its own time: Scott Joplin's 1911 opera, Treemonisha.

Through dance, Justin Many Fingers is channelling the strength and resilience of Indigenous women

In OKOTOKS, he returns to the story of the 1870 Baker Massacre — and the legacy of one of its survivors.

This new opera brings Shanawdithit's story out of colonial textbooks and into living history

Indigenous and settler artists collaborated to tell the story of the last surviving member of the Beothuk people.

Get away from it all and make art your world. This week's Exhibitionists is all about residencies

Sometimes you just need a break from the 9 to 5 and a setting that inspires your imagination in order to get the creative juices flowing.

What could you create if you had the space, time and tools? An inside look at one artist residency

Svea Ferguson spent five weeks in the heart of Banff National Park with only one goal: making art.

See hauntingly beautiful 3D music being recorded using the Banff wilderness as a studio

Surrounded by speakers in the forest, hearing Jonathan Kawchuk's music is a magical experience.

Miscarriage is still a taboo subject. Zohar Hagbi empowers women to start talking

After having three miscarriages in less than two years, she's using intuitive artmaking to uplift others who have been through the same.

Neon bending is about as hard as it looks. Meet the Montreal artist mastering it

For street artist Five Eight, neon bending is a new part of a multifaceted art practice. But he's using the craft to take his graffiti and make it 3D.

Get outside! (After you're done watching this Exhibitionists episode, that is)

This week on the show, we're meeting artists who find their inspiration in the great outdoors.

Art Mamas: Meet the Vancouver collective that creates community for mothers in the arts

Matilda Aslizadeh: "I see lots of parallels between art-making and parenthood — the strength, stamina and determination it takes."
In Residence

After 10 years and two degrees, this engineer decided animation was his real calling

Arash Akhgari is this week's Exhibitionist in Residence.

Dance is a language — and icon Margie Gillis is teaching her vocabulary to a new generation

Dance legend Margie Gillis is harnessing her powerful energy and infusing a new generation with her movement and her spirit.

Nicole Dextras designs plant-based clothes for ecologically minded apocalypse survivors

Lest you fear nakedness after the inevitable apocalypse, the Vancouver artist has you covered.

Vancouver Island's ancient rainforests are under threat. This artist is making them into magic

In her new massive IMAX film Embers and the Giants, video installation artist Kelly Richardson pays homage to ancient trees — and imagines a better future.

This experimental music performance takes over Toronto's City Hall to find new ways to organize

Marilyn Monroe and Valerie Solanas inspired this 1970 composition now being re-staged by Toronto collective Public Recordings.

Back to the future: To find their path forward, these artists are looking to the past

Artists have always known that sometimes you have to go back in order to reimagine a better future. We share their stories on this week's Exhibitionists.
In Residence

What do you see in this inkblot? (There are no right answers, but the answer is aliens)

Experimental and totally intuitive, we're featuring the art of Niki Sehmbi on this week's Exhibitionists.

Cole Pauls's comics preserve First Nations language — and also celebrate punks eating pizza

"The first time I read an Indigenous comic book, I felt empowered."

Massey Hall's stunning stained glass windows were hidden for decades. Watch them come back to life

Talk about a glow up. Birds were nesting in them, but now a team is "pane-stakingly" restoring these Art Nouveau treasures back to their original glory.

By honouring their children through art, Chris Gardiner is helping parents process unbearable loss

The Saskatchewan artist has come up with a poignant and conceptual way to offer a light in the grieving process of parents who have lost a child with disabilities.

Celebrating 100 episodes and over 600 artists with CBC Arts: Exhibitionists

In four years we've covered artists coast to coast to coast — and this week we're looking back.

Feeling as healing: Zakisha Brown uses her spoken word poetry as a balm for living

In her poetry, Brown speaks directly to the listener about pain, love and empowerment.

Celebrating the best of Canadian film and TV in our Canadian Screen Awards special

The CSAs are like Christmas for Canadian content creators — and we're dedicating this week's Exhibitionists episode to the nominees.

Even the greatest castles can fall...like this massive kingdom made of snow in Yellowknife

What Snowking Anthony Foliot and his crew built with nature, nature hast taketh away.