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'I'm effectively playing Dungeons & Dragons with myself': Inside this artist's painted worlds

Stephen Appleby-Barr's paintings have always been magical — and now his own tiny sculptures inspire them as well.

We're jealous of this decades-long friendship that has produced the most magical art

Jim Holyoak and Matt Shane are artists, collaborators and the best of friends. Here, they're taking you through their shared art practice (tiny creatures included).

At a mural festival in Puerto Rico, Danaé Brissonnet collaborates with kids to make magic

The Quebec artist takes you through some of her world travels and why it's meant so much to work with a bunch of kids in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

This artist lost his whole family, and his death-inspired collages help him remember his mortality

Zeph Mitchell uses his art to help make peace with death after spending years unable to confront it.

Nugs! These tiny clay creatures have the 'curse of cute' that will melt your heart

You won't be able to resist falling in love with these adorable little friends by Nick Sianchuk and Kevin Yip.
Behind the Photo

The upside of winter snow? This iconic photo worthy of Massey Hall

Toronto photographer Adeyemi Adegbesan — a.k.a. Soteeoh — shares the story behind the striking shot.

The dancers of Older & Reckless live up to their name

"There's a unified feeling of being together and doing the same steps at the same time and having produced something that we share. It's just a wonderful feeling."

Lyndsay Sung makes cute cakes, poignant cakes and some that deal with life's darker moments

Lyndsay Sung is a cake baker, but her creations tell a much larger story, from charming animals to the experience of having breast cancer.

How Barry Jenkins made the Black period love story we've been waiting for

The director sits down with Amanda Parris to talk about If Beale Street Could Talk, his highly anticipated follow-up to Moonlight.

Gather round the fire for an art stocking stuffer of holiday cheer in this week's Exhibitionists

Even the Grinch would find something to love in this episode.

Watch a miniature Canada come to life — one tiny building, tree and Tim Hortons at a time

These astonishingly detailed scenes are actually mini models currently being built for the giant (or, well, tiny) project Our Home & Miniature Land.
In Residence

Do not watch this film on an empty stomach

Feast your eyes on some tasty GIFs. Chhaya Naran is our latest Exhibitionist in Residence.

See these dazzling light installations at Ontario Place — or take a frostbite-free video tour

For artists from the Winter Light Exhibition, making Ontario Place luminous isn't just beautifying — it's a way to create an interactive, immersive experience.

If you can pull off making this Arctic fox cake, we predict you will be the star of the holidays

Lyndsay Sung makes undeniably cute cakes with animal faces, and she's teaching you how to turn a drawing of a blue Arctic fox into a winning holiday dessert.

A holiday gift painted with wine because WINE NOT?

An original wine painting could be the grape-est gift you give this Christmas!

Brigitte Clavette is an alchemist turning things we waste into actual silver

The New Brunswick artist uses silver to transform objects we waste into sculptures we covet.

You're as obsessed with animals are we are, so here's an entire Exhibitionists episode about them

We've decided to bring you what you clearly want: this episode is all about artists who are inspired by animals, represent them and honour them in their work.

What does it feel like inside the mind of someone with bipolar disorder? This play gives a glimpse

Brad Necyk's play Stormshelter gives you a compassionate look into the experience of living with bipolar disorder.

You might not believe it, but these animals are made entirely out of paper

Calvin Nicholls makes art out of tiny hand-cut pieces of paper to create incredibly accurate depictions of wildlife with a magical effect.

At experimental fest X Avant, there's no one way music from any culture is 'supposed' to sound

Bear Witness of A Tribe Called Red and the artists he's curated for the festival are challenging stereotypes around cultural music.

You may not want to grow up, but you gotta. Luckily there's art about it

Growing up is the theme of this week's CBC Arts: Exhibitionists — because Amanda's name isn't Peter Pan and none of us are living in Neverland.

Why is The Little Prince the most translated non-religious text ever? A new doc finds its heart

In his new documentary, Charles Officer gives you a glimpse into what makes The Little Prince so special — and why it still means so much to him today.

Cryptocurrency and death in space: This week's Exhibitionists gets weird with technology

What happens when two areas of thought that are usually defined in opposite camps — art in one and technology in the other — come together?

How Tawiah Ben M'Carthy's one man show is fighting for gay rights in Ghana

Six years after first debuting his celebrated play Obaaberima, he's bringing it back — but little has changed for Ghana's LGBTQ community in that time.
In Residence

He's worked on Madonna, Arcade Fire and Childish Gambino tours, but he's just as excited about this

Watch "Yako," the psychedelic music video appearing on this week's CBC Arts: Exhibitionists, and meet its creator, Montreal artist Manuel Galarneau.