Drake says he wants a tattoo of Céline Dion, so we asked these artists to design him one

Near, far — wherever you are, Drake — consider these options. When it's time for him to get the Céline Dion tattoo of his dreams, these artists will be ready.

Near, far — wherever you are, Drake — these tattoo artists are waiting for you

When Drake and Céline Dion met for the first time, he joked about getting a tattoo of her on his rib cage — so these Canadian tattoo artists are helping out with his plans. (Left: champagnepapi/Instagram | Right: Thomarya "Tee" Fergus)

When you meet someone for the first time, maybe avoid telling them how much you'd love to tattoo their face on your rib cage. (Just a thought.) But then, you're not Drake. And, unless there's a news tip you'd really love to send us, you probably didn't just meet Céline Dion for the first time, either. This weekend at the Billboard Music Awards, the pop superstars hung out backstage — an unofficial Canadian delegation that was captured on video by some hero with a cell phone, giving us this bit of information: Drake really, really wants a Céline tattoo.

"I'm like a year away from a Céline tat," he says in the video, gushing like a dude who definitely wore out his "Power of Love" cassingle. It's a moment so thick with CanCon we ought to have spelled it with an "e" (because Alan), and yet, Céline doesn't seem sold on the idea. In the video, she changes the subject before Drake can ask her to autograph his obliques — but there's no way her reaction crushed this idea like so much Hawkins Cheezie dust. The dude already has 25 tattoos at least. One of them is this janky clip-art jack o' lantern — but three of them are portraits of his favourite pop stars: Sade, Aaliyah and Rihanna.

If Drake says he wants Céline tattoo, we believe he's going to get it. That's why CBC Arts reached out to tattoo artists around the country to ask them what they'd design if Drizzy came calling. Turns out tattoos of Céline Dion aren't that common, despite what Google Image search would suggest, but this crew is ready. Near, far — wherever you are, Drake — consider these options. You'll be saluting one Canadian artist, and supporting another. And Céline, if you ever feel like returning the honour, most of them have plenty of experience drawing Drake.

Katie So (@ghostmeadow)

Homebase: Vancouver (Black Medicine Tattoo)

Style: "I'd describe my style as illustrative. I work as a freelance illustrator when I'm not tattooing, so there's definitely a representation of that in my tattoo work."

The perfect Céline tattoo for Drake: "I would do something pretty simplified, with minimal lines. I did a Steve Buscemi portrait in that style — it was about the size of a toonie. Probably watch the Titanic to get in the mood."

Ever done a tattoo of Céline? "When people want to get a tattoo to rep Canada, they usually ask for mountains. But maybe from now on I should suggest Céline instead."

How about a Drake tattoo? "I have done one of his lyrics on a friend of mine. I'm really glad 'yolo' isn't cool anymore."

"What a Time to Be Alive." Drake tattoo by Katie So. (Zak Zawaduk/Courtesy of Katie So)
Céline instead."- Katie So, tattoo artist

Thomarya "Tee" Fergus (@iamnattee)

Homebase: Toronto

Style: "Magical, witchy, meditative, revolutionary healing line work with high contrast."

The perfect Céline tattoo for Drake: "I would probably create something based off of Beauty and the Beast and include some heartfelt song lyrics that we all will know [as Céline's] right away. I'd probably re-watch the old Beauty and the Beast movie — the cartoon — and YouTube the most popular Céline songs [for inspiration]."

Ever done a tattoo of Celine? "No."

How about a Drake tattoo? "None of Drake yet, but I'm hoping soon. I know it would be good."

Coming soon to Drake's rib cage? Sketch by Thomarya "Tee" Fergus. (Thomarya "Tee" Fergus)
Céline and random babies in that Anne Geddes book."- Charline Bataille, tattoo artist

Charline Bataille (@charlinebataille)

Homebase: Montreal

Style: "Closer to illustration than traditional tattooing! Very colourful, usually creepily cute and sprinkled with flowers, stars and glitter."

The perfect Céline tattoo for Drake: "I think one of Céline's most underrated songs is for sure 'Treat Her Like A Lady!' I think to work around this masterpiece would be perfect for sweet Drake since he is known to be a charming loverboy, and if ever he is not, it will be a good reminder. Or I would do any of those creepy pictures of Céline and random babies in that Anne Geddes book."

Ever done a tattoo of Céline? "I wish."

How about a Drake tattoo? "No, but I tattooed the words 'Take Care' on myself when that album came out — I was truly obsessed!" 

From our nightmares to Drake's torso? (Getty Images)

Céline meets the Scarface poster, but pretty."- Ilona Fiddy, tattoo artist

Ilona Fiddy (@nocentjokes)

Homebase: Toronto (King's Landing Barber Shoppe)

Style: "I specialize in handpoked tattoo. One aspect of my practice is exploration and reclamation of Filipino tattooing traditions, to approach and promote handpoked tattoo and Philippine aesthetics from a decolonized perspective. The rest is super playful, rooted in pop culture, nostalgia, sex, rage, anime, R&B, etc. I also love conceptual, abstract tattoos with no clear meaning except to the client."

The perfect Céline tattoo for Drake: "I guess my style would naturally be a departure already from his other tribute portraits like Sade or Aaliyah (RIP babygirl) which are more shaded/photo-realistic. If I did a Céline, I'd do something graphic and minimalist, staying true to some over-the-top moment or iconic outfit, but designed to let the skin breathe. Like backwards-tuxedo/fedora Céline meets the Scarface poster, but pretty."

"[For inspiration], it would almost be my duty to step all the way inside my feelings listening to '90s ballads and reliving childhood memories. Or [I'd] just watch Céline​ performance videos and slo-mo every time she thumps her chest. Try to capture that essence of extra."

Ever done a tattoo of Céline? "Sadly, no."

How about a Drake tattoo? "I'm sure it's only a matter of time."

Eilo Martin (@eilotattoo)

Homebase: Montreal (MTL Tattoo)

Style: "I do two different styles. The first that I do most of the time is called neo-traditional. [...] A lot of my inspiration comes from Art Nouveau and I like to have a feminine, elegant touch with some jewels and ornaments. The second style is Japanese tattoo. And I also mix them both sometimes."

The perfect Céline tattoo for Drake: "I will put Céline as a Madonna, like a goddess of music — kind of like the image of a Mexican Madonna, with some design of light around her head, a bit like how Beyoncé was on the Grammys. [...] Actually, now that I have this idea I might try to do it in reality — at least as a painting."

Ever done a tattoo of Céline? "No, never."

How about a Drake tattoo? "Never did a Drake tattoo neither. But if I have to, I might draw an owl with the head of Drake, cause of his brand."

Lizzie Renaud (@lizzietattoo)

Homebase: Toronto (Speakeasy Tattoo)

Style: "My style is illustrative, but heavily based upon traditional rules of tattoo design. I'm not as bare bones as some traditional, but I don't think I'm considered neo-traditional either! Mostly I do portraits."

The perfect Céline tattoo for Drake: "When people get a tattoo of a personal idol, I know they want them to be honoured, so I try to source pictures that show a memorable moment for them. And knowing Drake's public persona, he'd have a sense of humour about it. So I'd suggest something retro, and maybe cut off the bottom with a blown up version of her signature."

"I'd absolutely suggest references of her wedding photos, because they are so meme-worthy, and I know that's up Drake's alley!"

Ever done a tattoo of Céline? "Never, which surprises me, because I've done two Alanis Morissette tattoos — yet no Céline!"

How about a Drake tattoo? "I have done a handful of those. People know I love Drake, and I even used to tattoo his producer 40, so naturally I invite the request!"

Alanis Morissette tattoos — yet no Céline!"- Lizzie Renaud, tattoo artist

Moorea Hum (

Homebase: Vancouver

Style: "I do a lot of black and grey work, some bold and illustrative and some more delicate pieces as well."

The perfect Céline tattoo for Drake: "I'd do a black and grey portrait, but I picture her singing and holding a microphone, hair blowing in behind her, looking fierce! Maybe some sparkly stars and hearts in the background. A tad quirky. [There'll be] some '80s flare! Big hair, shoulder pads for days."

Ever done a tattoo of Céline? No, but I would definitely be into it!

How about a Drake tattoo? No Drake tattoos yet!

Jennifer Iles (@jenntattoos)

Homebase: Toronto (Hidden Door Studio)

Style: "Western Japanese style. Leaning towards ghosts and mythology."

The perfect Céline tattoo for Drake: "Two answers:

a) Whatever he wants. Probably a portrait and script that said 'My heart will go on.' Because he's emo.

b) What I would do: A ukiyo-e version (Japanese style tattoo) of her playing golf. Both Céline and I like golf."

Ever done a tattoo of Céline? "No."

How about a Drake tattoo? "I have done a Japanese ghost of Drake ('Hotline Bling' sweater) shaking his finger at a flaming vagina. And I personally have a tattoo of Drake."