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This Toronto designer wants to revolutionize getting around with his tiny fold-up electric bicycle

Henry Chong thinks people should stop "looking upwards" for big transportation companies to provide solutions for people in congested cities.

Henry Chong thinks people should stop 'looking upwards' for big transportation companies to provide solutions

Toronto Industrial Designer Henry Chong and his Revelo FLEX electric bicycle (CBC)

As electric transportation technology gets smaller and more efficient, Toronto industrial designer Henry Chong sees more opportunities for creativity in design.

Chong wants to change the way people move in congested cities, and he's challenging the conventional wisdom around the 150-year-old bicycle design. "It's something that people see as perfect and sort of untouchable," he explains. As his response, Chong designed the Revelo FLEX.

Who will drive this change in how we get around? Chong thinks people are currently "looking upwards" to big transportation companies for a solution but that we should take designing this future into our own hands.

What can we do now instead of waiting for infrastructure? What can we do as individuals?- Henry Chong, designer of the Revelo FLEX

The battery-powered Revelo FLEX can fold and unfold in seconds, and Chong sees it as combining the advantages of cycling with the advantages of motorized vehicles. Just one example of how the power of great design keeps us moving.

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