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Can architecture heal? This Toronto centre sees design as essential to well-being

After opening their new building, the length of stay for Bridgepoint Active Healthcare patients is down by 30%. People are getting better faster.

'Putting the soul into' Toronto's Pan Am Aquatic Sports Centre with graphic design

Explore the aqueous design which summons emotion and engages athletes.

Transforming the unused area under Toronto's Gardiner Expressway into a public art space

The disregarded space under the Gardiner Expressway will become a park, now known as The Bentway — or maybe it's not quite right to call it a park.

How a cozy cave brought people together to fend off winter on a frozen beach

Last winter, a secret fur-lined room inside an imposing sphere appeared on Toronto's east-end beach as an 'invitation to be with strangers' and persevere through winter.

Walls that change colour to your touch: Fighting technological disconnection with more technology

Architecture students Robyn Thomson and Jessica Chen think that even though technology has made our lives easier, we've lost connection in the process.

Could drones eventually get so small you could build with them like Lego? What would you create?

Dr. Vertegaal pictures a future where virtual reality lives in the real world without screens — and according to him, we're closer than you might think.

Design to benefit the world: This solar-powered backpack improves health and education

Many children without electricity need kerosene lamps to study — but kerosene is toxic. Now, Kenyan entrepreneur Salima Visram is using design to change lives.

This retired physics teacher wanted the most sustainable house possible — and it looks great too

"Imagine a world where we don't have to clear-cut forests just to create our housing." Rammed earth shows that sustainability can be beautiful.

The garden, the beach, the sky: Ryerson University's downtown Toronto architectural oasis

The Ryerson Student Learning Centre breaks the routine rhythms and movements of daily student life and empowers students to take full ownership of their space.

Crafty cardboard design activism for special needs children

Ryerson professor Jason Nolan wants to build a world where children with special needs can play and learn in an environment that helps them be more independent.

This Ottawa development shows affordable housing can be enviornmentally sustainable too

Anthony Leaning, leading architect for CSV Architects in Ottawa, showcases the Salus Clementine Passive House, a 42-unit, 4-storey energy efficient apartment building, that sets new efficiency standards for housing and commercial construction in Western Culture.

This Toronto designer wants to revolutionize getting around with his tiny fold-up electric bicycle

Henry Chong thinks people should stop "looking upwards" for big transportation companies to provide solutions for people in congested cities.

Can architecture heal? Bridgepoint Active Healthcare sees design as essential to wellbeing

Greg Colucci - principal at Diamond Schmitt Architects discusses the design for Bridgepoint Active Healthcare that aims to eliminate the psychological obstacles to healing.

Transforming a transit hub from somewhere you zip through, to somewhere you visit and stay awhile

Alex Josephson of Partisans Designs leads the renovation of one of Canada’s biggest transportation hubs so that it transforms from utilitarian hub into a destination of its own.

Toronto designer wants to revolutionize getting around the city with his tiny fold-up electric bicycle

Henry Chong, CEO of Revelo Electric showcases his Flex E-bike, an electric powered bike that will revolutionize greener modes of transportation and shape the future of urban mobility.

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