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Brighten a moment with Norma Andreu's cute Frida Kahlo-inspired dolls and illustrations

Born in Mexico City, Montreal-based artist Norma Andreu draws and knits to portray the beauty of simple things.

See Norma compete with her art in Sunday's Crash Gallery premiere

Born in Mexico City, Montreal-based artist Norma Andreu — who goes by the "alter ego" Cara Carmina — draws and knits to portray the beauty of simple things. Watch the video above to see her work, much of which features characters inspired by Mexican painter and cultural icon Frida Kahlo, and hear why she creates these simple beautiful characters.

Norma Andreu competes in the season 2 premiere of Crash Gallery on CBC. (Crash Gallery)
"With my art, I like to tell the story of friendship, of love, of collaboration. I have a very simple message, but it's an important one."- Norma Andreu, artist
One of Norma Andreu's illustrations of Mexican cultural icon Frida Kahlo (Norma Andreu)

This Sunday, Norma will be one of three artists competing in the Season 2 premiere of Crash Gallery. She and the other artists will be set against the clock and against each other in two art challenges — including painting on the daunting metal canvas of a car! How will her dreamy figures fare? Find out Sunday Feb. 5 at 9:30pm (10pm NT).

I like to portray the beauty of simple things in my work.- Norma Andreu
Knit dolls of Frida Kahlo join Norma Andreu's illustrations of the famous painter. (Norma Andreu)
Cara Carmina is my dream, a place where I create and tell stories.- Norma Andreu
Yup, Norma makes Frida Kahlo leggings too! (Crash Gallery)

Check out more of Norma's Cara Carmina work on her site and her Etsy store.

Crash Gallery is back for a second season starting Feb. 5 at 9:30pm on CBC TV. In each episode, three talented artists of various disciplines go head-to-head against each other in a real-time creative arena, giving the audience a front row seat to the creative process. In the meantime, watch Season 1 online now!


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