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Arlana Green uses her art to help people 'come together in a positive and loving way'

Arlana connected to art as a child: "I was really shy as a child, and I found art was a really good way to express myself without having to speak."

See her compete on Crash Gallery

An accomplished artist who is comfortable working in front of a crowd, Arlana has over 20 live painting gigs and competitions under her belt, and is the current reigning champion of Vancouver's "Golden Brush" art battle, making her very well suited to the competitive art world of Crash Gallery. Watch Arlana compete now on this week's episode. She's a great painter, but can she paint upside-down?

Arlana connected to art in her childhood: "I was really shy as a child, and I found art was a really good way to express myself without having to speak." Now Arlana paints mostly abstract art, but loves "to just experiment with a lot of different styles. I love a challenge and I love to do something new."

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I'm doing a little series right now of little children with natural afros, because you usually don't see a lot of black children in storybooks.- Arlana Green, painter

Recently Arlana, who is biracial, has been "really focused on bringing awareness to black issues." She feels that art is a "a great conversation piece for that and a way that people can come together in a really positive and loving way."

Crash Gallery is back for a second season. In each episode, three talented artists of various disciplines go head-to-head against each other in a real-time creative arena, giving the audience a front row seat to the creative process.


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