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Allan André's first taste of success? When he sold a painting to his fifth grade art teacher

Canada's reigning "Best Speed Painter" is a formidable opponent on Crash Gallery.

Canada's reigning 'Best Speed Painter' is a formidable opponent on Crash Gallery

Watch Allan compete on Crash Gallery now!

This past summer, Ottawa painter Allan André won Art Battle Canada's national championship, earning him the title of Canada's Best Speed Painter. Allan's been working on his craft for a long time — and one of his formative painting successes came way back in grade five when his art teacher Mr. Munroe bought the painting Allan made for an assignment on Cubism.

"I'd just gone to see the Picasso exhibit, so I was really excited." Allan was ready: "I put my all into it."

(Allan André)

Mr. Munroe said he loved Allan's painting and asked if he could buy it — marking Allan's first official foray into the art world. Would he have found his way to his artist life if that boost of confidence hadn't happened? Maybe, but as Allan says, "Shout out to Mr. Munroe if he's watching."

Will Allan's skill as a speed painter give him an advantage against the other artists on this week's Crash Gallery?  Find out this Sunday at 9:30pm on CBC TV.

Crash Gallery is back for a second season. In each episode, three talented artists of various disciplines go head-to-head against each other in a real-time creative arena, giving the audience a front row seat to the creative process. In the meantime, watch episode one online now.


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