#FinishMyKidsArt 2017: Here's what happens when talented kids and artists collaborate online

Taking inspiration from Crash Gallery, we put your kids' artwork into the hands of talented artists from the show — who gave their own unique spins to the images.

Crash Gallery: Dinosaurs and Dioramas

Artists work with recycled materials to turn trash into treasure, then the finale sees the top two pulling items from a conveyer belt to sculpt a suitcase diorama.

He painted through his cancer treatment and learned he was in remission on the day of his art show

When Moncton artist Mathieu Francoeur was diagnosed with cancer, he turned to painting to ease his health and financial anxiety.

Crash Gallery artists paint while lying on a spinning platform. Watch out for falling paint!

After the first round’s sticky street art challenge, two winners get dizzy painting Michelangelo-style while spinning on a motorized platform.

'I'm impressed that no one's thrown up yet': Crash Gallery artists paint upside-down

The artists battle gravityas they paint audience portraits upside down, with the light-headed winners facing off in a futuristic digital graffiti wall challenge.

For Tori Swanson, drawing a nude portrait promotes liberation and healthy body image

Tori Swanson's primary focus is on nude commission portraits with charcoal, or as she puts it: "I see a lot of naked people on the regular."

Arlana Green uses her art to help people 'come together in a positive and loving way'

Arlana connected to art as a child: "I was really shy as a child, and I found art was a really good way to express myself without having to speak."

When Jace Kim moved to Canada as a teenager, art helped him overcome the language barrier

See him compete on Crash Gallery

This week, Crash Gallery artists have to paint underwater with a mask and a snorkel on — good luck!

With time ticking down, the artists somehow have to paint something to win in a tank of water.

Carling Jackson is an artist so she can 'paint the change I wish to see in the world'

Vancouver painter Carling Jackson uses her hyper-realistic portraiture style to try to explore themes of systemic oppression and marginalization.

Allan André's first taste of success? When he sold a painting to his fifth grade art teacher

Canada's reigning "Best Speed Painter" is a formidable opponent on Crash Gallery.

Julia Monk has a message for small-town artists going against the grain

Born in Belle River, Ontario, Vancouver-based artist Julia Monk encountered "a lot of naysayers" on her way to becoming an artist.
Crash Gallery

The Crash Gallery guide to getting into art

Get off the couch and into the gallery! If you want to learn more about art, follow these six easy tips from the show's team of experts.

Watch the Crash Gallery season premiere — Roadtrip Triptych

The artists tackle a tough triptych challenge, with the winners switching gears to make their mark on the metal canvas of an old sedan.

Crash Gallery artist Jarett Sitter draws 'misunderstood monsters'

Calgary illustrator and animated Jarett Sitter's work explores themes of the misunderstood monster, exploration and nature.
Crash Gallery

If you think Crash Gallery is crazy to watch, just imagine hosting it

Crash Gallery host Sean O'Neill shares some of the highlights from Season 2. The show returns to CBC this Sunday, Feb. 5.

Brighten a moment with Norma Andreu's cute Frida Kahlo-inspired dolls and illustrations

Born in Mexico City, Montreal-based artist Norma Andreu draws and knits to portray the beauty of simple things.

Crash Gallery artist Shane Molina was put in detention for drawing as a kid. He sure showed them

Langley, B.C. digital artist and painter Shane Molina moved to Canada from Hawaii and infused his work with its influence.
Crash Gallery

This Crash Gallery judge knows what it's like to make art for a live audience — but not underwater

When it comes to creating art for a live audience, Syrus Marcus Ware has been there — although never under circumstances quite as intense as Crash Gallery's.
Crash Gallery

How this Crash Gallery judge went from engineering to art to TV

Get to know Vancouver's Paul de Guzman, one of the art experts coming to Season 2 of Crash Gallery. The new season premieres Sunday, Feb. 5 on CBC Television.

She's one of Crash Gallery's new art experts, but would she compete on the show herself?

Crash Gallery is getting a new panel of art experts for Season 2. Meet performance artist Bridget Moser.


Crash Gallery returns February 5 with a new season of thrilling art clashes

Hosted by the AGO's Sean O'Neill, Crash Gallery pushes artists out of their comfort zones and to their creative limits.

Watch Crash Gallery on demand now!

It’s loud, it’s messy, it’s chaotic, it’s...Crash Gallery.

From CF-18 cockpit to Crash Gallery: a Q&A with artist Michael Markowsky

Crash Gallery's high-energy first season comes to a close this Friday, with a season finale that features a twist on the comic strip that we're pretty sure you've never seen anywhere else before. It also features Michael Markowsky

#FinishMyKidsArt: Here's what happens when talented kids and artists collaborate online

Taking inspiration from Crash Gallery — which launches tonight — we put your kids' artwork into the hands of talented artists from the show, who put their unique spin on the images.