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Check out the final batch of Inktober drawings sent in by readers

That's a wrap on Inktober. What would you like to see in this newsletter as we head into November?

What would you like to see in this newsletter as we head into November?

All month, newsletter reader Ivana Filipovich has been drawing female artists she admires. Detail of her portrait of Amy Winehouse. (Instagram/@ivana_f_artist)

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Hi, art lovers!

It's the final stretch! There are just a few more days of October (Inktober!) left, so we're showing off as many of your drawings while we can.

And if we haven't said it enough — like we did in this email, and this email — we still can't get over just how many readers emailed us to share how they've been tackling the annual art-making challenge.

Any ideas for how we can keep the momentum going once November hits?

Would you like to see more art by readers like you in these emails?

You know where to reach us.

Now on to those drawings. Give these CBC Arts fans a follow if you like what you see.

Lesley Bergen (@roomtodraw)


Diana C. (@thingsby_diana)


Megan Lambert (@the_witch_of_the_rock)


Andres Silvera (@andres.silvera)


Ivana Filipovich (@ivana_f_artist)

All InktoberIvana was doing portraits of female artists she admires. Can anyone out there name the Eisner Award-winning duo in pic?


Anu Chouhan (@anumation)


Danielle Brufatto (@helloyellowcanary)


You've got to see this

There's never been a candy like this in the history of Halloween - Trick-or-treaters in East Vancouver could get a pack of QA Chew's Bubble Trouble in their loot bags this Halloween. It's gum designed by kids, for kids — and it doubles as a very cool public art project that got off the ground with the help of the grown-ups behind Big Rock Candy Mountain (a.k.a. local artist duo Helen Reed and Hannah Jickling).

Take back the suburbs! Go inside this massive art show in Mississauga - For 10 days, Work of Wind took over a suburban industrial park, and we're giving you a closer look at three projects that featured in this exhibition about climate change and the future.

10 BIPOC horror movies to binge this Halloween - Sheer terror doesn't discriminate. Amanda Parris, host of CBC Arts: Exhibitionists, shares 10 must-watch scary movies.

Follow this artist

(Courtesy of the NFB)

David Barlow-Krelina (@davidbarlowkrelina) - David's a Montreal-based animator, and we previewed his new NFB short "Caterpillarplasty" on Friday's episode of CBC Arts: Exhibitionists. He talked to us this week about the project — a plastic surgery story about how there's no real truth in beauty.

Got story ideas? Typo catches? Ideas for what you'd like to see in this email now that Inktober's over?

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