Charlotte Overvold

Charlotte Overvold is Kasho Got’ine with blood in the Sahtu, born raised and loved in Somba Ké, Denendeh, with Metis Heritage. As a life long visual artist raised by hunters, artists and activists, knowledge of the land, water, and traditional arts and crafts that come from it has been passed down from a young age by her family. Her mother shared the importance of using all parts of the animals which has been reflected in her interest in working with fishbone. Charlotte has been making these beautiful traditional pieces for over a decade. Her interest and creativity has led her to create one of a kind fishbone vertabrae earrings that have been adorned by Indigenous artists, musicians, and allies from across Canada. All art pieces are sourced from and around Great Slave Lake in an ethical and respectful manner. All sales go towards her daughters future. Mahsi cho.