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And no, we don't mean Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. Get an insider's look at places like Calgary, Sudbury or Victoria in our series I He(art) My City.

And no, we don't mean Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver

(CBC Arts)

Last year, Saskatoon became the only Canadian city on the New York Times's annual "52 Places to Go" list, so CBC Arts decided to ask artist Zachari Logan to offer his own personal guide to his hometown to give the Times some extra tips.

And then we thought: why stop there?

Saskatoon — as worthy as it may be for inclusion on the Times's list — is far from the only worthwhile Canadian city to explore, especially with the right tour guides. Everyone knows about the art scenes in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver — but what about Calgary, Sudbury or Victoria?

So CBC Arts started series: "I He(art) My City." Last summer, we offered 10 take on a different Canadian city, each are written and photographed by artists with special connections to those very places. This summer we've offered a new batch, so get ready to re-start your tour with 8 more.


Zachari Logan's guide to Regina

Images of the Saskatchewan Legislature Building in Wascana Park, during The Justice for Our Stolen Children camp, in the summer months of 2018. (Zachari Logan)

Artist Zachari Logan shows how Saskatchewan's capital city is a charming, big-ish, small-ish town with underrated beauty. Read more.

Charlotte Overvold's guide to Yellowknife

View of Old Town from Pilots Monument. (Charlotte Overvold)

Artist Charlotte Overvold introduces you to the beauty of the largest (and only) city in the Northwest Territories. Read more.

Matthew Brown's guide to Saint John

Outside Rogue Coffee in Saint John. (Discover Saint John)

Filmmaker Matthew Brown takes you inside the cultural renaissance of the New Brunswick city, "an industrial city with soul...and a kind of poetry to it that's hard to put into words." Read more.

Kathy Toivonen's guide to Thunder Bay

Nanabijou, The Sleeping Giant. (Kathy Toivonen)

Artist and writer Kathy Toivonen shows you a different side of her hometown, an urban oasis in the wilderness. Read more.

Oliver Skinner's guide to London

Storybook Gardens. (Colin Butler/CBC News)

London is much more than just a college town or pit stop between the metropolises of Detroit and Toronto. Writer Oliver Skinner is here to guide you through it. Read more.

Vaughn Warren's guide to Kamloops

Mountain Biking Lac du Bois Grassland. (Michelle McAleese, Tourism Kamloops)

Multimedia artist and cultural worker Vaughn Warren shares his guide to the dynamic river community that ebbs and flows with the seasons. Read more.

Lee-Anne Poole's guide to Halifax

The Commons. (Lee-Anne Poole)

Local playwright Lee-Anne Poole offers a deep dive into the many wonders of the Nova Scotia capital. Read more.

Maeve Hanna's guide to Calgary

McHugh Bluff. (Maeve Hanna)

A thriving cultural scene enticed writer and art critic Maeve Hanna to move here, and she's sharing some of her favourite findings with you. Read more.


Maxime Robin and Danielle Le Saux-Farmer's guide to Quebec City

Quebec City-Lévis ferry port. (@bebotlunawhistler/Instagram)

Actors and directors Maxime Robin and Danielle Le Saux-Farmer share their secrets for getting the most out of your visit to Quebec City, whatever time of year you'll be there. Read more.

Shanell Papp's guide to Lethbridge

Hardieville ruins. (Shanell Papp)

Crocheter and visual artist Shanell Papp gives you a tour of Lethbridge's essential galleries, architecture, nature and shops. Read more.

Joseph Tisiga's guide to Whitehorse

The Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre's Culture Cabins. (Joseph Tisiga)

From vacant grocery stores to a park The White Stripes once played, multidisciplinary artist Joseph Tisiga celebrates the unexpected places you can find art in the Yukon city. Read more.

Brandon Gray's guide to Sudbury

(Brandon Gray)

Videographer and photographer Brandon Gray shows you that Sudbury is a lot more than just a mining town and celebrates the creative community that makes him proud to live here. Read more.

Casey Plett's guide to Windsor

The alley behind Ouellette Ave. south of Park St. W. (Casey Plett)

Writer Casey Plett is still discovering the place she moved to two years ago, but she's embracing it and says the city itself is just like its infamous Windsor Hum: "calm and soothing in an unexpected, otherworldly sort of way." Read more.

Dallas Curow's guide to Edmonton

High Level Bridge Streetcar. (Dallas Curow)

Photographer and makeup artist Dallas Curow tells us how the charm of Alberta's capital won her heart when she made it her new home. Read more.

Catherine Hernandez's guide to Scarbourough

Port Union Waterfront. (Catherine Hernandez)

Author and playwright Catherine Hernandez — whose debut novel is literally named after Scarborough — helps you escape the chaos of big city Toronto. Read more.

Wendy Rose's guide to St. John's

King's Road in St. John's, NL. (Wendy Rose)

Arts journalist and born-and-raised Newfoundlander Wendy Rose shares the classic spots and hidden gems that make East Coasters gravitate to St. John's. Read more.

Michelle Jacques's guide to Victoria

Laura Gildner at an Urbanite event at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. (Art Gallery of Greater Victoria/Instagram)

Curator Michelle Jacques shows us why we shouldn't let Vancouver steal the spotlight when it comes to B.C.'s cultural scene. Read more.

Frances Koncan's guide to Winnipeg

Trappist Monestary. (Frances Koncan)

Indigenous writer and theatre producer Frances Koncan confronts Winnipeg's reputation head on — and shares the places that have helped her appreciate her city more. Read more.

Zachari Logan's guide to Saskatoon

Thistle thickets. (Zachari Logan)

Visual artist Zachari Logan shows the New York Times (and the rest of the world) why they were right to declare Saskatoon a place worth visiting. Read more.

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