The CBC Arts holiday gift guide: 2022 edition

Prepare to click “add to cart.” We’re sharing our fave artist-made merch. Cozy apparel, cute AF home goods — plus a gift under $10 for the person who has absolutely everything.

From cozy winter gear to Christmas cards, these must-have items are made by Canadian artists

Photo collage of artist-made goods. Clockwise from left: a red and pink pom-pom toque; an assortment of illustrated Christmas cards, a screenprinted black canvas tote bag, printed underwear, illustrated egg cups with pictures of cute animals.
(Clockwise from left): Gift ideas from Valéry Goulet, Nancy Nickolson, Kent Monkman, Teenadult and Kness. (Valéry Goulet, Nancy Nickolson, Kent Monkman, Teenadult, Kness)

Welcome to the CBC Arts holiday gift guide! Like every year, I've searched for artist merch and brand collabs that are sold by Canada's creative community — specifically the talented folks we cover on the site.

Prepare to click "add to cart," because this is some seriously giftable swag: cozy apparel, cute AF home goods — even one-of-a-kind packing supplies for wrapping up your haul. Let's go shopping!

Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!

Stuffed figure of a cartoon portobello mushroom, reclining on the grass.
(Kami Goertz)

Kami Goertz soft action figure - Etsy, $30 and up

Tragedy! The "Mellow Portabello" sold out before this gift guide went to print. But Winnipeg's Kami Goertz has plenty more huggable fungi on her Etsy. Snatch up a cuddly reishi or morel while you can — maybe a stuffed puffball too.

Detail of the cover of Mushrooming. White background filled with painted illustrations of colourful mushrooms.
Mushrooming: The Joy of the Quiet Hunt is more than a basic field guide. The new book, written by Diane Borsato, is a method for seeing beauty all around you. (Courtesy of Diane Borsato)

Mushrooming: The Joy of the Quiet Hunt - Diane Borsato and Kelsey Oseid, $38.95

The perfect thing to read while snuggling a plush mushroom: a book about the many wonders of the fungi kingdom, illustrated with adorable watercolour sketches. Read our interview about Mushrooming with author Diane Borsato.

Photo collage of an illustrated bowl and mug by Sami Tsang.
(Gardiner Shop)

Mug and "Grandma Bowl" - Sami Tsang/Gardiner Shop: $40, $50

Sami Tsang's ceramic sculptures are probably too grand for stuffing in a Christmas stocking, but this artist on the rise sells smaller ceramic wares through the Gardiner Museum's gift shop. I couldn't choose just one. Maybe you won't be able to either. 

Photo of three illustrated ceramic eggcups featuring painted cartoons of possums and raccoons.

Egg cups - Kness, $20-40

Or there's this even smaller option: a sweet li'l hand-painted egg cup by Kness, a Quebec artist known for her ceramic critters.

Living room tableau made of tiny home furnishings in earth tones.
(Suite City Woman)

SuiteCityWoman miniatures - Etsy, $7 and up

Was that last item still too big? Sheesh. Is this small enough for you? Roxanne Brathwaite, star of CBC reality show Best in Miniature, sells tiny home furnishings. Find everything from wallpaper to rustic pottery on her Etsy.

A hand with a flower manicure holds a bottle opener shaped like the goddess Aphrodite standing on a shell. It is in pale pink enamel and the bottle opener appears to be brass. The background is a digital illustration of repeating pink roses.

Aphrodite bottle opener - Sugarbones, $25

Love beer? Make cracking a cold one a thing of beauty. As we learned earlier this year, Sugarbones is Hamilton's patron goddess of artist-made merch.

Things to wear

Photo of a young woman with blonde hair wearing a grey crewneck sweatshirt printed with a painting of a hand emerging from a lily pond.
(Shanna Van Maurik)

Nymph crewneck - Shanna Van Maurik, $44 (US)

Get cozy! Everyone loves a classic crewneck, and this one features art by Toronto painter Shanna Van Maurik. Browse her online shop for more designs.

Photo of a red and pink printed beanie topped with a furry black pom pom.
(Lalita's Art Shop)

Valéry Goulet beanie - Lalita's Art Shop, $49.99

Get cozier! Edmonton's Valéry Goulet has designed a variety of printed toques like this one. They're topped with fluffy detachable pom-poms. 

Black fabric tube printed with neon-coloured motifs.

EcoStretch Neckwear - Tim Singleton/Buff, $25

Style this sporty accessory as a scarf, a beanie, a hair tie: anything goes! The best thing about it? The eye-popping print by Toronto designer Tim Singleton.

Manitobah Mukluk black leather boot with a thin-lined geometric design printed on its exterior in white.
(Manitobah Mukluks)

Caroline Monnet Tamarack boot - Manitobah Mukluks, $360

You can't leave home this time of year without a solid pair of winter boots, and these bb's are a work of art. The grain-leather exterior features a design by multidisciplinary artist Caroline Monnet

Boxer briefs and bikini cut panties featuring a colourful print of cartoon human figures.

Teenadult panties and boxers - Undz: $20, $20

For the folks who always gift undies. (Thanks, Mom.) Get these from Teenadult, a.k.a. Montreal illustrator Kezna Dalz.

Things with flair

Photo of an outstretched arm holding a black canvas tote. The tote's printed design depicts a Victorian home with a tipi incorporated into the facade. It reads "Chateau Miss Chief."
(Kent Monkman)

Château Miss Chief tote - Kent Monkman, $15

Château Miss Chief is also the name of Kent Monkman's home in Picton, Ont., where he welcomes visitors to come see the many pieces of his art installed throughout the building and hear stories about his alter ego Miss Chief Eagle Testickle.

Photo of a printed silk scarf hanging on a white wall. Its background is a yellow abstract pattern. At the centre is a seated figure in blue.

Rajni Perera scarf - MOCA, $180

Rajni Perera was the winner of this year's MOCA Award and you can find this silk scarf (printed with a design by the artist) through the Toronto museum's online shop. 

Round enamel pin. A cartoon gorgon is in the centre of the design. Text reading "ugly, angry + mean" appear in green type around the perimetre of the pin.
(Jenn Woodall)

Jenn Woodall enamel pin - Silver Sprocket, $14 US 

Perfect for someone on your naughty list (and the nice list too, if they've got a sense of humour). The design's by Toronto comics artist Jenn Woodall.

Photo of two silver metallic flower-shaped pins resting on a bed of green moss.
(Hilary Jane)

Flower collar clips - Hilary Jane, $22.71

Packaged in sets of two, these collar clips will dress up any outfit. The floral design is distinctly Hilary Jane. I could definitely see these on one of her retro glamour girls.

Photo of a pink and brass switchblade comb, shot on a backdrop of bubblegum pink satin. The handle reads in gold script: "pretty deadly."

Pretty Deadly switchblade comb - Sugarbones, $40

I thought these only existed in old movies! Who knew they were still being made — by an illustrator from Hamilton, no less. Get 'em for your whole girl gang. 

Photo of a cardholder made of yellow and white basketball leather.
(Peppy Colours)

Ball is Life vertical card holder - Peppy Colours, $300 

A treasured reminder of how much credit card debt they've accrued splurging on last-minute Raptors tickets. (Designed by Pepe Bratanov, curator at The Local Gallery in Toronto, this slim wallet is made of upcycled basketball leather.)

Photo of two silver pendants shaped like cartoon postcards. One reads "thinkin' about you" and is illustrated with a simple wild rose. The other is a picture of a longhaired person on horseback. In the background, a colourful illustration reminiscent of the horse design on the pendant.
(Ali Munn)

Tallulah Fontaine x Ali Munn sterling silver postcard pendant, $195

From jewelry maker Ali Munn in collaboration with Edmonton artist Tallulah Fontaine, this pendant comes in 10K gold and sterling silver (pictured). If you're planning to splurge on a pal — perhaps one with ties to Alberta (dig the wild rose on the postcard) — the piece was conceived as a luxe version of the classic BFF necklace. Fun fact: Fontaine was one of this year's Polaris Music Prize poster artists. About that …

Screenprinted posters for the Polaris Music Prize.
(L-R): 2022 Polaris Music Prize posters by Tallulah Fontaine, Heavy Machinery and Kendra Yee. (Polaris Music Prize)

2022 Polaris Music Prize poster - Polaris Music Prize, $50

this year's prints are still for sale.

Paper goods

Framed poster of "Horror Scoops" illustrations by Heather Buchanan, cartoons that spoof astrological signs.
(Heather Buchanan)

Asstroplogikal Splines, Horror Scoops Zodiac Poster - Heather Buchanan, $49

I see more posters in your future. This one, for starters. (Find more Horror Scoops prints in Heather Buchanan's online shop.)

A trading card of a person in a hot-pink mullet. It's labelled "Pasadena Pansies." The card is photographed on a backdrop of multiple hockey card packs. The packs are red and blue and depict a hockey player in a yellow and blue uniform. Type reads: "QNHL."
(Lucas Morneau)

Queer Newfoundland Hockey League Card Pack - Lucas Morneau/Struts Gallery, $250

These are some top-shelf hockey collectibles — and you don't have to care about sports to like them. Part of Lucas Morneau's art project the Queer Newfoundland Hockey League, each limited edition pack comes with a piece of A.B.C. gum. (Yes, it's what you think it is.)

Flat-lay photo of 10 burgundy Moleskin journals decorated with original paper collages.
(Jessa Dupuis)

Collage notebook - Jessa Dupuis, $10

The notebook itself is a classic Moleskine cahier journal, but the cover is an original work of art. Jessa Dupuis collages each one by hand. 

Horizontally oriented sheet of stickers, all colourful comic book style illustrations by Jenn Woodall.
(Jenn Woodall)

Jenn Woodall Flash Sticker Sheet - Silver Sprocket, $9 (US)

But if you're buying for someone who'd prefer to decorate their own notebook, stickers are the way to go.

Photo of an open cardboard box filled with an illustrated notebook, colouring book and 2023 calendar.

Daniela Amyot gift box - Itsfunnyhowww, $38 and up

Still can't decide what to buy? Let Montreal's Daniela Amyot do your shopping for you. The illustrator sells a range of pre-packaged gift sets through her website (Itsfunnyhowww). The one pictured (The Travel Box) includes a colouring book, calendar and greeting card — all featuring her Millennialcore artwork.

For the person who has everything

Make it official: they own all the stuff, and they are absolutely impossible to shop for. This 8 x 10 Risograph poster by Arcane Bullshit will certify they are "the ONE true owner of the ENTIRE universe."

Wrap it up!

Top-down photo of a wrapped gift on a surface of the same floral wrapping paper.
(Hilary Jane Home)

Wrapping paper pack - Hilary Jane, $26

You'll receive three sheets of artist-designed wrapping paper with every order from Hilary Jane, plus a set of matching greeting cards.

Flat-lay photo of three illustrated greeting cards, shot on a pink surface. The cards depict Xmas scenes: a baking tray with cookies that spell "be merry"; a gingerbread house, a cozy living room decorated with a Christmas tree and other holiday decor.
(Nancy Nickolson)

Nancy Nickolson holiday card pack - Etsy, $18 and up

But if you want cards that are more classically festive, dressed up with pictures of gingerbread and Xmas stockings and the like, Edmonton illustrator Nancy Nickolson has got you sorted. She sells her holiday designs in packs of 3, 5, 10 or 20. 


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