'I literally felt like my spine was going to explode'

Pamela Orr describes the day when a student violently assaulted her in 2010, ending her teaching career.

More possible victims identified after California couple charged in drug rapes

Investigators have identified three more possible victims after a California surgeon and his purported girlfriend were charged with drugging and raping two intoxicated women, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Fishermen carry on search for lost comrades

The official search on the water for two fishermen lost off North Cape, P.E.I., has ended, but boats from the area will be back on the water continuing their own search Thursday.

Trump's trade war could see U.S. lobster industry use Canada as conduit to China

China slapped a 25 per cent tariff on U.S. lobster in July — effectively closing the fastest-growing market in the world to Maine's lobster industry. Some experts say Maine lobster may be coming into Canada and then being sent onwards to China.
Suresh Doss

How to get traditional Egyptian cuisine without leaving your office

Masrawy Kitchen is a catering company that brings traditional Egyptian cooking right to your office.

Environmental visions pitched during Rideau-Goulbourn debate

The two candidates vying to represent Rideau-Goulbourn ward presented separate visions for the environmental future of Ottawa at a debate in Richmond on Wednesday.

Woman wanted in hotel homicide turns herself in

Crystal Bastien, 32, has been arrested in connection with a homicide at a south-end hotel last weekend, Ottawa police say.

Frustration and exhaustion grow in wake of storm Florence

Frustration and exhaustion are building in the Carolinas as Hurricane Florence and its aftermath continue to take their toll on residents. They've endured an agonizing week of violent winds, torrential rain, flooding, power outages and even death.

'I missed you so much': The short, tragic life of Alysha Paul

'Don't ever go away again,' Laurie Paul begged her daughter. Hours later, Alysha was dead.

Man killed in North York machete attack

A man is dead after he was stabbed multiple times with a machete in North York, police said early Thursday.

Masrawy Kitchen serves up traditional Egyptian cuisine

Masrawy Kitchen is located in Mississauga.

Election Day 29: Where the party leaders will be on Thursday

With just days left in the provincial election campaign, Liberal Leader Brian Gallant is expected to release his party's platform, while other party leaders are scheduled to continue canvassing and making announcements.

Migrants on the move: Spain, Morocco border

As the world becomes a population on the move, the CBC's Nahlah Ayed travels to the Morocco-Spain border, a flashpoint for migrants looking for a safe bridge into Europe. However, to get there, they first have to smuggle themselves across a heavily barricaded border. Nahlah joins a Spanish patrol which is monitoring the new route migrants are increasingly choosing since the new Italian government closed access to its ports — a route that has seen a number of violent confrontations in recent weeks.

Researchers discover planet Vulcan from Star Trek — sort of

Researchers have discovered a planet orbiting a star just 16 light-years away, the very star that Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry said his fictional planet orbited.

The hunt for online herb: Ottawa seeks dope on hazy world of pot's 'cryptomarket'

The federal government insists pot legalization will help the country snuff out crime — but internally it's wondering what will become of the fuzzy world of illegal online weed transactions.

Colombia shouldering Venezuela's migration crisis - at two million and counting

The economic disaster in Venezuela has forced many people to try their luck by heading west - to Colombia. So far, more than two million Venezuelans have fled their country.

Ottawa and Argyle fire took 1 day to extinguish, fire marshal to investigate

A warehouse fire at Ottawa Street and Argyle Road led to voluntary evacuations and power outages in the area. Crews fought the fire for an entire day.

Police searching for woman who allegedly defecated on sidewalk in Simcoe

Provincial police say they're looking for a woman who allegedly defecated on a sidewalk in Simcoe.

'I'm just so tired': Frustration, exhaustion grow in wake of storm Florence

Hurricane Florence and its aftermath are still taking a toll on the Carolinas, where residents have endured an agonizing week of violent winds, torrential rain, widespread flooding, power outages and death.

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Shortage of landlord-tenant board adjudicators leads to Thunder Bay hearing cancellations

Ontario's Landlord and Tenant Board is working to hire more adjudicators, as an ongoing shortage is causing ruling delays and the cancellations of hearings in the province.

With Congressional deadline looming, Freeland pushes back against calls for swift NAFTA deal

With a U.S. Congressional deadline looming to wrap up NAFTA negotiations, Foreign Affairs Minister Chyrstia Freeland told reporters in Washington today that the only timeline she's working to is the one that will end up delivering the deal Canada wants.

If elected, the Parti Québécois would keep province's assisted dying law as is

The architect of Quebec's assisted dying legislation says she has sympathy for the family of a man who was initially denied medical aid in dying — but if her party is elected, the law will stand.