Tamarra Canu

Tamarra Canu is a freelance filmmaker, recently a grant recipient to produce her film The Act of Being Normal. She was Additional Camera and Production Assistant for Vital Bonds on CBC's The Nature of Things and Production Coordinator for CBC's Equus- Story of the Horse. She began her career at CBC News Edmonton as Associate Producer and is proud to be able to keep telling stories for the CBC.

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Small Towns

Donalda, Alberta's giant lamp celebrates what may be the largest collection of lamps in the world

The museum contains 1,100 oil lamps, some dating back to the 1600s, and it's given light to this community.
Small Towns

Building Medicine Hat's massive Sammis Tepee was an engineering challenge to rival the Eiffel Tower

The stunning monument and the art within tells vital stories of Indigenous history.
Small Towns

How a giant perogy saved this small town

Big Things Small Towns goes to Glendon, Alberta to learn about the giant perogy that kept the town on the map.
Small Towns

In 1974 Vegreville, Alberta's big egg was a technological breakthrough (and the Queen liked it too!)

World-first computer modelling went into building this giant Ukrainian Easter egg — then the Queen visited.
Small Towns

Falher, Alberta: come for the giant honeybee, stay for the 30,000 little ones… on our host's face!

Big Things Small Town’s Tamarra Canu goes to this northern Alberta town to investigate its huge bee sculpture and ends up with a bee beard.
Small Towns

Drumheller, Alberta is home to the world's largest dinosaur replica, and you can climb in!

Find out all about the towering T-Rex in the first episode of Big Things Small Towns.

This artist lost his whole family, and his death-inspired collages help him remember his mortality

Zeph Mitchell uses his art to help make peace with death after spending years unable to confront it.

Making tiny paintings is especially difficult for this artist — that's why she does it

For Arlene Webber, dystonia (a condition that limits her hand movement) has pushed her to innovate and create new ways of painting.
Behind The Photo

'He called this place home for 12 months — I was ready to leave after a week'

Take a deep dive into aAron Munson's photograph of a room frozen in time (and in ice), exploring the year his father spent in isolation far up north.

A frozen weather station 800 miles from the North Pole held his father's secrets

When he was 19, aAron Munson's father spent a bleak year working at the station — so the artist decided to take a trip to there to find out what that year was like.