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Talin Vartanian is a producer for CBC's The Sunday Edition.

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How a small city in Mexico has become a vibrant haven for Canadian artists

In San Miguel de Allende, a flock of painters, sculptors, musicians and writers spend their winters.

Medical marijuana users could help researchers define risks, benefits

There is a call for researchers to tap into the growing pool of medical marijuana users to help answer lingering questions about its safety.

Inheritance 'tension': Why more families may be headed for court

It’s no secret that family fights over wills can be vicious. About one trillion dollars will change hands in this country over the next two decades, and lawyers are already witnessing the fallout.

How China has rewritten the history of Tiananmen Square

China has re-written the history of the Tiananmen Square massacre, says Rowena Xiaoqing He, a lecturer at Harvard University. Peaceful protesters who stood for democracy have been cast as counter-revolutionaries, and soldiers have been lionized as having risked their lives to control a riot.

Canada Post can 'reinvent itself,' says its CEO

Despite job cuts, postage hikes and growing public apathy to hand-delivered mail, Canada Post has a future, says the man who heads the Crown corporation in an interview with Michael Enright on The Sunday Edition.

Ralph Nader slams GM's stance on 'hypothetical casualties'

Ralph Nader, the consumer advocate who sparked a revolution in the auto industry almost five decades ago, has lost none of his anger about companies that put “cost culture” ahead of “safety culture.”

Corporate tax avoidance 'scheme' hurting Canada, expert says

While average Canadians dutifully file personal income tax returns during the coming weeks, many profitable companies pay little or no tax, says the executive director of Canadians for Tax Fairness. Instead, these multinational corporations set up subsidiaries in tax havens such as Ireland, Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.

Soldier turns Afghanistan near-death experience into stage career

If the Taliban had never blown off his leg, Cassidy Little would never have found his way back to the stage. The story of a 32-year-old lance corporal from Newfoundland who left Afghanistan with an amputated leg and landed in the London theatre with a role in a provocative play.

Pakistani journalist turns pen into weapon against Muslim fundamentalism

Muqtida Mansoor's column in a Pakistani newspaper has brought death threats from extremists, but that has not deterred the journalist from challenging the rising tide of Muslim fundamentalism in his country, he tells Michael Enright, host of CBC Radio's The Sunday Edition.

Singer Petula Clark talks about Downtown and Lennon

Petula Clark, whose song Downtown established her as part of the British Invasion, recently released an album of tunes old and new. Lost in You includes a cover of her international hit that reached no. 1 in the Billboard charts, but this version of Downtown is softer and tinged with melancholy.