Sarah MacDonald

Sarah MacDonald is a music and culture writer whose work has appeared in The Walrus, Flare, NOW, and many more. Previously, she was an associate editor at Noisey Canada. She's happy to be here.

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Warm Blanket

In a real world full of darkness, the wicked camp of Batman Returns is a safe cocoon

Curling up with an over-the-top tale of good vs. bad has brought Sarah MacDonald comfort since childhood.

By drawing her body over and over, Quinn Rockliff sees herself — and is helping others do the same

Rockliff's nude self-portraiture has blossomed from a personal healing exercise into a space where others can feel more at home in their own bodies, too.

Being alone doesn't have to be scary. Paired with meaningful art, solitude can untangle our brains

"Here, in the spaces I carved out for myself, I could breathe deeply — inhaling fully and exhaling into a book, film, my journal, a record I'd worn out from too many listens."

This Instagram account is letting us explore Canadian art in a whole new way

Run by Tatum Dooley, "Canadian Art Forecast" offers a new accessibility to art and artists.
I Fell Out of Love

How Sarah Gadon tackles the challenges of doing meaningful work in an era of binge culture

She's been acting since she was 10 — and never losing her passion has been the key to surviving the industry.
I Fell Out of Love

How do you make it as a writer? Do it for love, not money — and other lessons from Jen Sookfong Lee

Instead of thinking of it as a traditional "job," the focus should be on the work itself: the creative fulfillment and, most of all, the purpose behind it.
I Fell Out of Love

How quitting A Tribe Called Red pushed Ian Campeau to connect more deeply to his Anishinaabe culture

After trading the stress of the music business for social activism, his biggest priorities are finding meaning and humility.
I Fell Out of Love

The optimist rapper: How Cadence Weapon keeps himself going — and stays excited about the future

Despite navigating the music industry's constant changes, he stays inspired by believing the future will shift in exciting ways.
I Fell Out of Love

The liberation of Cœur de pirate: How Beatrice Martin rediscovered herself by letting go

"It's important to destroy what people expect from musicians, artists and people in the public eye."

Women claiming space is more important than ever — and that's the mission of Erin Klassen's new zine

Digital and print zine The Vault is urgently concerned with the stories women have yet to tell.