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Sarah Keenlyside is an associate producer for CBC Arts.

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Plastic is choking our world, and Douglas Coupland's unprecedented new installation shows how

Step into Coupland's Vortex, which is taking over the Vancouver Aquarium for the next year.

Karim Rashid on what's wrong with Christmas

Karim Rashid is the man behind Umbra’s Oh chair and Garbino waste can, the Bobble water bottle and over 3,000 other designs currently in production. Though he’s known for his minimalist aesthetic and the use of curves and bright colours in his work, it may come as a surprise to many that Karim Rashid hates Christmas.

Thank You Internet: Birds on a (guitar) wire and melting carpets

Each week at Exhibitionists, we take a moment to thank the World Wide Web for the gifts it gives us – those delightful Internet that are sent to us or appear on our feeds, allowing us to take a mental break and work at the same time. (Hey, we’re an arts show.)

NFB doc explores DJ Rhiannon's decision to pose for Playboy

When noted Canadian film critic, author and first time filmmaker Katherine Monk was introduced to DJ Rhiannon while researching female EDM (Electronic Dance Music) DJs for the National Film Board, she felt conflicted. The pretty Vancouver DJ had boosted her music career by posing for Playboy and generally turning up the sexual content in her music up — way up.

This sculpture of an owl took 50,000 pieces of Lego

Canada's own Ekow Nimako is one of the generation of artists who grew up on Lego, and his recent sculpture Silent Knight created for Nuit Blanche proves he's mastered the medium in his own edgy and completely unique way.

From condo towers to temples: Inside Toronto architects Hariri Pontarini's stunning Chilean project

At the Ryerson University Architecture Department’s lecture hall, Siamak Hariri of Toronto’s Hariri Pontarini Architects presented an intriguing display of drawings, photos, architectural models, material samples and videos that tell the story of the project’s lengthy development.

Michael Venus' world of beauty, love and wigs

A man — and sometimes, a woman — of many faces, Michael Venus’ creativity knows no earthly bounds. His expanding body of work, often in collaboration with his artist collective House of Venus, includes films, TV shows, music, visual art and drag performances. His short film Supa Natural appears in the Wanderlust episode of Exhibitionists, online now and airing this Sunday on CBC TV.

Who Instagrammed it better — photographer Naomi Harris or her furry sidekick?

Naomi Harris is a self-proclaimed "semi-professional hobo / actual professional photographer” who, together with her rescued shih tzu Maggie, will hit the road in a car outfitted with a sleeper bed whenever and wherever the wind blows them. Scrolling back through Harris’ Instagram feeds is like following a breadcrumb trail of their travels. And yes, you read that right — Maggie has her own Instagram account.

The world of Talia Shipman is an underwater haven for weary commuters

A large-scale installation under the 18 York Tower in downtown Toronto, “Blue Space (Water Wall)” is the first major public artwork by Vancouver-born, Toronto-based artist Talia Shipman.