RM Vaughan

RM Vaughan is a Canadian writer and video artist. Vaughan is the author of many books and contributes articles on culture to a wide variety of publications.

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Let's stop debating if comics are art — they are. And this exhibit celebrates their complexity

THIS IS SERIOUS gives comics the kind of big, smart, institutional survey show the genre deserves — but not for the expected reasons, i.e. to "validate" their existence. 

Say Yes to My Dress! If you're David Bateman's friend, you may end up in this gender-bending project

Bateman's latest project is both a consideration of gender — its alleged norms and (de)constructs — and a loving tribute to the people in his life.

Artist Jamie Ross is a witch — and he's using his practice to help prisoners improve their lives

The Montreal-based artist uses witchcraft to confront injustice and violence in Quebec's correctional system.

This 60-foot installation turns Chinese-Canadian cuisine into a monumental metaphor

JJ Lee's extraordinary rice paper scroll explores the hybrid cultural identity of Chinese-Canadians — including her own family.

Ambera Wellmann wants her paintings to have 'a subconscious of their own' (and one just won $25K)

The Nova Scotia-born, Berlin-based artist is the winner of this year's RBC Painting Prize — and her layered work takes an enormous amount of patience.
Point of View

Is 'The Shining' a secretly Canadian story? Homegrown writers reflect on its 40th anniversary

40 years after the book's release, its hybridizing of social realism and the supernatural — revolutionary at the time — makes it feel like a core text today.

'Less different, more alike': This versatile collective uses art to find global common ground

Blue Republic's miniature monuments to instability and fleeting beauty appear increasingly fragile — much like democracy and civilized discourse itself.

Mr. Montreal: If Richard Burnett doesn't attend your event, it might be said that it never happened

For 25 years now, Richard "Bugs" Burnett has written about Montreal's culture scene with a diligence and tireless energy that has helped shape the city.

Night of the living dead: This cheeky artist is collaborating from beyond the grave

Cole's latest project is a "threesome" he has constructed with two dead artists: multimedia artist David Buchan and legendary painter Tom Thomson.

This filmmaker is racking up international accolades — and it's all thanks to Fredericton

Robert Gray's accomplishments are taking him all around the world, but none of it would be possible without his tight-knit New Brunswick community.