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Why Lou Phelps, a Francophone MC from Montreal, raps in English on his debut album

"I want to open doors for people that speak French and want to rap in English."

'I live my life. I do what I love.' For designer Niti Marcelle Mueth, that's all that matters

Catch up with the Montreal artist two years after she was one of our Exhibitionists in Residence.

He's not the comic hero, but Montreal's Scott Pilgrim is taking on the world too — with his camera

Pilgrim wants his images to suspend reality —so that you can interpret them whatever way you want.

'My artwork made me comfortable with being queer': How creating can lead to self-acceptance

Montreal visual artist Eve Saint Jean opens up about how art helped her embrace her identity.

From project manager to pop artist: Why Montreal's TAVA decided to change his life

For Antoine Tavaglione, his art was worth the risk of leaving his 9 to 5 — and it all started with the blessing in disguise of a failed work project.

In honour of his late godfather, this Montreal rapper is risking it all to turn music into a career

For CJ Flemings, there was no alternative to hip hop — and the Montreal native has quickly found his own place in the city's rap scene.

She already had a day job in art, but it wasn't her passion — so she made cardboard her muse

For Laurence Vallières, cardboard provided the perfect practical and financially manageable solution for pursuing her craft full-time.

This artist once put music over family — but he had to 'stop being selfish' after losing his uncle

When Montreal musician Grandbuda began secluding himself away from friends and family, he thought of it as a necessary sacrifice. Then, his uncle got sick.

Feeling vulnerable? For this musician and dancer, that emotion is her secret power

KALLITECHNIS is always searching for ways to express herself, and she's found a remarkable tool in using her vulnerabilities as strengths.

How do you accidentally become a singer? Step one: get your heart broken

Montreal musician Robert Robert found his voice when he lost his love, and it's resulted in a new EP.