March Mercanti

As a young child, March Mercanti would play with his action figures for countless hours because he was obsessed with telling himself. Currently, March is a filmmaker living in Toronto, ON. He works at CBC Arts creating documentaries for artists across Canada.

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Humans are complicated! Alex Sheriff's artwork examines our species and evolution in a cheeky way

"We should listen to scientists and when science feels dry we should listen to artists."
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Street art legend Elicser's cereal box paintings capture '100 days of the world just off kilter'

Elicser Elliott was worried about art supplies when the pandemic started, so he used what he already had around: his many cereal boxes.
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Shanell Papp crocheted a 28-foot skeleton for a gallery — but first it took over her home

"I wanted to work with something so delicate in a monumental way." See the skeleton now at Lethbridge, Alberta's The Gallery at Casa.
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'Love, strength, the resilience we have': Simone Saunders's textile work celebrates Black excellence

"I like to keep my work positive and playful and colourful even if there are dark undertones within the work itself because to me that is the joy of life."
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Jean Huang's dual-layer paintings are time capsules for our feelings about the pandemic

The Vancouver artist hopes to create an archive that we can look back on after the pandemic is over.
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Mascot maker Eugene Paunil turns to illustration to rip the mask off police brutality

"What's on the outside is just a false facade for the real truths that lie underneath."
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Stuck isolating in an Ivory Coast hotel during the pandemic, Maliciouz created three massive murals

For the Montreal artist "walls are like canvas" — luckily the hotel had some blank ones.
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Alex Coma's massive celestial tapestry uses sacred geometry to 'manifest the future'

What do you get when you combine spirituality, celestial interest and art? The human temple of Alex Coma.
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In need of some guidance right now? Audie Murray is creating an entire tarot card deck by hand

The multidisciplinary Métis artist has been making a card a day to help ground herself.
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A tattoo artist's quarantine story: Everyone wanted toilet paper but Liz Kim wanted eggs

While she couldn't tattoo, she painted hand fans — and used them to create odes to her most treasured quarantine scarcity.