Lindsey Addawoo

Lindsey Addawoo is a Toronto-based writer and emerging filmmaker with a passion for all things TV, pop culture, and Beyoncé. In the past, she has contributed to various online publications such as VICE,, Global News, and ScreenCraft.

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Game of Thrones and the missing conversation about climate change

The White Walkers may not exactly be climate change, but GoT shows that the only way of defeating a giant threat is coming together.
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How Afrofuturism makes space for Black women to shine on screen

With the highly anticipated release of Black Panther this week, writer Lindsey Addawoo celebrates Afrofuturism and its progressive portrayals of Black women.
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Depression and struggle are often romanticized — but what does that do to an artist's wellbeing?

Lindsey Addawoo: "We, as artists, give suffering so much credit for our work. It can be difficult deciphering who or what the ultimate source of our creativity is."

Politics and partying: This event celebrates the resilience of Toronto's black queer community

The annual Blockorama event at Toronto Pride doesn't just uplift black queer art — it offers an inclusive safe haven.
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Why diversity in Canadian sci-fi film and television still has a long way to go

On our screens, there's no denying that speculative fiction is having a moment. But Canada's obsession with all things abnormal and also pretty white.
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What Drake's 'More Life' actually means for Toronto art and culture

"Now that our culture is on a global platform, how can we protect its authenticity? And ultimately, is Drake the right man for the job?"

This all-female rap group is promoting solidarity through hip-hop

"We're powerful, we're resilient, we're beautiful and we're all queens." Toronto's The Sorority bring the spirit of womanhood to life with their music.
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Why Beyoncé's celebration of black girl magic will resonate longer than any Grammy Award

Through her unapologetic embrace of and pride in her heritage, Beyoncé empowers black women to become more clearly themselves.