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Think you know the story of Maud Lewis? Two Nova Scotia artists want you to reconsider the myth

The folk artist's story is highly romanticized — but Laura Kenney and Steven Rhude think it's important to show the darker parts.

Comic books and graphic novels haven't gotten the library love they deserve — until now

Created by librarians and comic enthusiasts, the Canada Comics Open Library is a dedicated space for the art form — and it needs a permanent home.

For these performers, accessibility isn't an afterthought — it's a creative opportunity

Disabled audiences were top of mind for the artists featured in Toronto's Crip Shorts as they created their pieces for the show.

Experts on how winter cyclists can stay safe on the roads

Biking in Canada’s infamous season requires more than just great gloves.

Opera's massive queer fanbase rarely sees itself reflected on stage — this series is changing that

Tap This! taps into the queer love of opera at Pride Toronto

A composer and a comic book writer have reimagined Toronto and Montreal's hockey rivalry as an opera

Yes, you read that right. See it to believe it: the film noir-inspired show heads to both cities this week.

Calgary's zine scene gives a home to those 'fed up with the city's corporate ethics'

The first Calgary edition of the iconic Canzine fair is ready to showcase the wave of small press activity that's been flourishing in the past few years.

'Everyone is temporarily able-bodied': This Halifax exhibit brings together aging and disability

Bodies in Translation: Aging and Creativity is aiming to create a new identity around "aging artists."

Grilled Cheese (the magazine, not the sandwich) is dishing out bilingualism and good design to kids

The magazine is bridging the gap between anglophone and francophone to bring articles, games and activities to children nationwide in both official languages.

'Be colourful, be happy': Why these comic books artists are celebrating Lolita fashion

Jane Mai and An Nguyen's compilation of comics and essays, making its debut at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival, is a loving tribute to the fashion favourite.