Kiah Welsh

Kiah Welsh is a digital video producer at CBC Arts. She loves to travel and owns over a hundred pairs of sneakers.

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Sustainable clothing is fashion-forward. Just ask innovative Indigenous designer Sage Paul

For Indigenous communities, thinking sustainably and locally is already a cultural practice.
Small Towns

Why this small Saskatchewan town built the province's only fully functioning lighthouse

For the Prairie town of Cochin, the East Coast-style lighthouse is a beacon of light.
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This Alberta town reeled in the Guinness world record for largest fishing lure

The monument celebrates a world-famous fishing lure designed, manufactured and hand-painted in Lacombe.
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Just who does the giant statue in Indian Head, Saskatchewan represent?

Carry the Kettle First Nation members reflect on the controversial monument.
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For Canada's centennial, the Alberta town of St. Paul built a UFO landing pad ... but why?

Find out about the hidden story of the monument and its message of acceptance and peace.
Small Towns

How two small towns went head-to-head for the title of world's tallest moose

Watch the two moose mayors from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and Stor-Elvdal, Norway face off to settle the score.
Small Towns

Mundare, Alberta is home to the world's largest sausage (and no, it's not what you think!)

Big Things Small Towns goes to Mundare to learn about the giant sausage that kept the town's spirits up.

These artists are saying thank you to Canada's heroic healthcare leaders

For your daily pick-me-up, here are some artist initiatives paying tribute to frontline workers fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic.

18 positive affirmations through drawings and quotes to keep you levelled up

During this period of social isolation, these artists are evoking the feeling of togetherness we could all use right now.

Elia Luciani is losing her memory — but her son's beautiful portraits will keep her stories alive

Despite the struggles that come with her dementia, Tony and Elia are growing closer than ever through their touching photo series.