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Songs for Glass Island: An entire concert on instruments made of glass

Victoria’s Experimental Music Unit — Paul Walde, Tina Pearson and George Tzanetakis — collaborating with Camille Norment, an American-Norwegian artist, are presenting to audiences in Victoria and Vancouver a performance called Songs for Glass Island. Equal parts experimental music and sound art, Songs for Glass Island will see the four performers surrounded by, and interacting with, a sprawling assortment of glass objects and instruments —some of which were devised by the musicians themselves.

'It's so obvious': Canadian artists weigh in on Grand Prix D'Angoulême sexism 'debacle'

When Montreal illustrator Julie Delporte saw the nominee list for this year’s Grand Prix D’Angoulême — one of the most prestigious lifetime achievement awards in the comic book world — she was incredulous. The previous year’s list was short on female nominees, so Delporte had hoped the prize would take an opportunity to be more inclusive. She was wrong: this year’s list was exclusively male.

Meet the Dopamine Collective, a group of scientists shedding their lab coats to make art

The Dopamine Collective — a group of scientist with artistic inclinations — pushes against the limits of what you could reasonably consider an art collective.

Q&A: Art dealer Eddy Rogo on entering the studios of emerging artists—and leaving his comfort zone

We chatted with Montreal art dealer Eddy Rogo about his new web series and what it was like getting to know up-and-coming artists.

You won't be able to take your eyes off Montreal artist Scorpion Dagger's Renaissance art–inspired GIFs

For Montreal artist James Kerr (known on the Internet as Scorpion Dagger), Renaissance art is a perfect medium for making fun of the modern era. His animated GIFs, inspired by art history, are as poignant as they are funny, and the internet loves them.

Today in 1968: Margaret Atwood schools her interviewer on the meaning of "poetry"

Asking a poet what their poetry “means” is always going to be hairy, but when a CBC radio host posed that question to Margaret Atwood in 1968, it resulted in a McLuhan-esque conversation about the nature of human thought.

Look inside Chris Cran's retrospective at the Art Gallery of Alberta

With a body of work that's over 40 years deep, Alberta painter Chris Cran is a towering figure in Canadian art.

And now for something completely different: food-inspired hats

Australian artist Phil Ferguson creates food-themed hats that are knitted by hand

Artstagram: Genieve Figgis' eerie canvases are wowing the art world

The paintings of Genieve Figgis are sometimes funny and sometimes creepy, but they’re always pretty.

Artstagram: Sharp-dressed men in colours that leap off the canvas

Canadian painter Samara Shuter makes colourful, large-scale paintings that focus almost exclusively on menswear.