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A group of Winnipeg youth set out to answer the question: How do you feel about public art?

How does public art make you feel? What would your city be like without it? Those are the sorts of questions a group of Winnipeg youth set out to answer in Skyway Soapbox.

En Masse fuses stop-motion with collaborative drawing in this mesmerizing video

En Masse is a Montreal-based multi-artist collective that creates black and white drawings. In this Q & A, the group's co-founder Jason Botkin discusses the role of spontaneity and the ability to find unity among artists of diverse disciplines.

A vision of creativity and resilience in the North, from PA System and Cape Dorset youth

What would it be like if the young people of the North started self organizing? In Darn Windy, PA System and the youth of Cape Dorset have made a mysterious, evocative portrait of creativity, resilience and resistance out on the land.

#FinishMyKidsArt: Here's what happens when talented kids and artists collaborate online

Taking inspiration from Crash Gallery — which launches tonight — we put your kids' artwork into the hands of talented artists from the show, who put their unique spin on the images.

A guide to the *four* new CBC Arts series launching this week

Starting tomorrow, CBC Arts is rolling out four new series online and on TV showcasing the work and stories of artists across Canada. In case you're having trouble keeping track, here's a handy primer.