Huda Hassan

Huda Hassan is a journalist and cultural critic. Her writing, reviews, and criticism appears in many places, including Pitchfork, BuzzFeed, and Quill & Quire. She teaches and writes about Black feminist literature and cultural studies in Toronto.

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Against the Grain

NOW just became one of Canada's only Black-owned publications — but rebuilding will be a struggle

The venerable Toronto magazine has a new owner ... and the shadow of over $2 million in debt. Can Brandon Gonez rebuild the digital platform without a plan to pay it off?
Against the Grain

What bell hooks and Greg Tate taught us about Black art

One year after we lost both vital Black cultural critics, Huda Hassan and Alexis Pauline Gumbs look back on their lasting legacies.
Against the Grain

Drake's Megan Thee Stallion lyric is just the latest in a long pattern of misogyny

Listeners were stunned by the "Circo Loco" lyric — but they shouldn't have been. The rapper has embraced hypermasculinity to push back against his perceived softness.
Against the Grain

How Mary Ann Shadd Cary set the blueprint for abolitionist feminist writing

The first woman to publish a newspaper in Canada was a master of disruption whose influence is still felt.

For nearly 30 years, this activist bookseller has bridged the gaps in Canadian literature

From behind her bookstore counter, Anjula Gogia has helped spread the word of feminism and anti-racism in Canada
Point of View

Why it matters who tells Black stories onscreen

Barry Avrich's controversial Canadian Screen Awards speech wasn't surprising — the film industry has a long history of co-opting Black voices without supporting Black talent.

Growing up in a segregated Montreal set the tone for Oscar Peterson's complex relationship to Canada

Black jazz musicians "coloured south of Montreal as Black as they could" — but it wasn't easy.

As we reckon with Canada's troubling history, visual art gives us what words and statistics can't

Artists like Christi Belcourt, Shantel Miller, and Elicser Elliott are painting vivid counter-narratives of race, gender, colonialism, and the spaces they occupy.

How Gyimah Gariba is using caricature to push for a more empathetic world

"I think if you're an empathetic person, you have to practise alchemy: you have to turn it into something."

Shamier Anderson and Stephan James are bringing the first all-Black award show to Canada — and it's about time

The Scarborough brothers are teaming up for the Legacy Awards, a vital new way to recognize this country's Black arts and culture.