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Pandemic Diaries

'Was it always this lonely to be alive?' A poet's search for hope in self-isolation

Alone in a tiny high-rise apartment with her dog, Gwen Benaway is holding onto moments of intimacy and the words of queer writers.

Yes, Canadian rom-coms are their own thing — and they say more about us than you might think

In the underappreciated subgenre, it's as much about the places as the people.
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On the importance of trans joy — even if it's just finding comfort in watching Schitt's Creek

Gwen Benaway believes that joy is essential to survival, especially as the world gets darker and more difficult for trans folks.
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7 years later, Being Erica is still dismantling myths of young womanhood

On the anniversary of the series finale, writer Gwen Benaway celebrates the TV show's "vibrant emotional heart."
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Decolonial love: These Indigenous artists are taking back the self-love that colonialism stole

Meet the two-spirit and queer Indigenous creators fighting back against racism, sexism, transphobia and homophobia by celebrating "decolonial love."
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These are groundbreaking times for trans literature — here are your essential reads

From poetry to young adult fiction, trans writing has never been this visible. Poet Gwen Benaway shares your 'Trans Lit 101' reading list.
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I'm a trans artist, so don't assume I'm queer

What will it take for trans voices to be heard as distinct? Poet Gwen Benaway shares why she stopped taking offers to write about queer issues.
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How to write about your ex-lovers without feeling like a bad person

One confessional poet's guide to making the private public. If you're going to write about your relationships, be prepared to do it well.
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Dear Canadian writers: Stop apologizing for who you are and share your truth

If CanLit has one thing to offer the world, it should be our diversity of viewpoints. Poet Gwen Benaway says we need to share our lived experiences more boldly.

A transgender poet reflects on her first year of experiencing womanhood

"What makes a woman? She does — and no one, no matter how much power they hold, can take that away from her."